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What happens in one second on the internet! [Infographic]

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Second of The Internet

Crazy Facts & Stats You Didn’t Know About The Internet

  • On an average work day, a typist’s fingers travel about 12.6 miles.
  • A single Google query uses 1,000 computers in 0.2 seconds to retrieve an answer.
  • Facebook has a blue colour scheme because the creator, Mark Zuckerberg cannot see the colours red & green.
  • The first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson to himself. He doesn’t remember what it said.
  • You can't block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.
  • ny text you put into the status update box is sent to Facebook's servers, even if you don't click the post button.
  • 44% of registered Twitter users have never tweeted.
  • The Highest Mobile Bill was $201,000 for $0.20 per text for over 2,000 times and $10 per MB of data while traveling abroad.
  • In 2014, Amazon’s site was down for 49 minutes and the company missed sales of nearly $4.8 million
  • There are 3.2 billion Internet users worldwide, accounting for almost 44% of the global population

What Happens in 1 Second of The Internet

  • 24,88,887 Emails
  • 34,875 GB of Internet traffic
  • 22 WordPress Posts
  • 1160 Tumblr Posts
  • 3 million Google Searches
  • 122,373 YouTube Videos viewed
  • 2121 Skype Calls
  • 12 Uber Rides
  • 1286 Netflix Hours of Videos Streamed
  • Amazon ships 35 items
  • eBay gets an average of $680 worth of transactions
  • Amazon gets an average of $3400 worth of transactions
  • 12 New active Mobile Social users
  • 6 New Facebook Profiles Created
  • 469,445 Facebook Likes
  • 7,203 Tweets
  • 162 Pinterest Pins
  • 4745 Snapchat Snaps Shared
  • 69,444 Snapchat Videos Viewed
  • 305 Reddit votes
  • 721 Instagram Photos Uploads
  • 28935 Instagram Photos Likes
  • 4,86,111 Whatsapp Messages sent
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1 Second of The Internet

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    September 11, 2017 at 2:51 am

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