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30 Best Microwave ovens (2018) in all Shapes, Sizes and Budgets


After having learned how to control Microwaves, one of the first uses (after telecom) was to use it for cooking at homes. The equipment was named as “microwave oven” but most of the time “oven” is dropped. Since its first commercial launch, the growth of this equipment is phenomenal. Also, as it was growing, several variants were made and many …

31 Best Dishwashers (2018) for the money, Across All Price Segments

Dishwasher 2017

Even though it took a time to reach to more than 75% households in USA and Germany, Dishwasher is now one of those several machines which make our life easier, and without which we cannot even imagine our lives. From the humble beginning with an electric motor in 1929, during the 1950s it rode the post World War II economic …