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Enjoy 9 Best Xbox one Games of 2017 : Available at Online Stores

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Reasons are many that most of the players prefer playing on Xbox One thanany another gaming console. If you are one of those who spent a specific time in a day sitting in front of your Xbox One, then it is the big time experiencing new games. You can enjoy the power packed Xbox games as the latest Xbox one games are available in the marketplace at the lowest price.

It is the just right time to pick up all the exclusive game from the online game store. Whatever the game you like, adventurous, sports, fighting, war, fairyland, puzzle solving, mysterious games, brain game or horror game, you can buy now.

Yes, you need to be smart enough choosing your specific Xbox One games. If you are unable to decide which Xbox one game to buy then, you just need to read the specification before final your selection. The specification will help you to choose the right game that you are looking for. You can pre-order the games to avoid last time rush and save your pocket.

The game Iavailable in the online marketplace, like Amazon. Amazon is one of the most trusted online sellers where you can get this game as per your convenient time and place. You can get your best Xbox One game just in few clicks.

Amazon is a nice e-commerce website, where you can book your game anytime, easy to find and book the game. Search your game, place your order and enjoy gaming on your Xbox One gaming console.

Best Xbox games whose price ranges from $55-$60


Scalebound, Price $ 59.96



Would you like to play action game? If you answered yes then the upcoming Xbox one game Scalebound can be your perfect choice. This is an excellent action-packed adventure game for games who just begun to play Xbox one game and fall in love with. The game is from developer Platinum Games and the well-known game director Hideki Kamiya.

In Scalebound, you will be transported to an ultimate hostile world. You will start battling against all those creatures that are hardly found in the real world, including some formidable dragon – and you must prove all the time that you can survive.You can pre-order the game to avoid last time rush. The game is availablein the online marketplace, like Amazon.

Would you like to experience the journey of a young loner? Well, if you like, then this game will be your real gaming experience.

Playing this game, you can experience the journey of ayoung loner, Drew as they bond with the terrible as well as noble dragon – Thuban the ultimate and the last of his type. You can be a master in accessing very deep fight and customization in an extensive quest around the nice but dangerous plant of countless Draconis in this open world of action RPG.

This is an upcoming adventure game, better to say an adventure on your side or join the forces in 4 players online co-op. You also like to bring the favorite dragon shape as well as unique abilities into multi-player with this Xbox Live.

You need to wait for a few months to purchase this excellent game. In 2017, the game will release. With this game, you will surely uncover the mysteries behind the most powerful rivals that threaten the Earth, Draconis, and a huge place of the parallel worlds. As discussed Scalebound is the next adventure game from popular game director – Hideki Kamiya.


  • People like to play adventure games with combat and trick to win against the rival would he glad playing Scalebound.
  • The game is specially designed for Xbox one.
  • You can play the game and enjoy prompt action and defending threats easily.
  • You can play the game changing the player and mode easily.
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  • The game can be played with single player.


Crackdown 3, Price$ 59.96

Crackdown 3


Want you to explore the heights of a futuristic city, race by way of streets? If you are really looking for the same, then this Xbox game is for you.

In Crackdown3,you can easily explore the heights of a futuristic city as discussed and the race through the streets. You will have the opportunity to use the powers to stop a real life like a criminal empire.

The game is one of the best games and is expecting to be launched in the year of 2017. The game is developed by creator Dave Jones, an expert gamer, and developer.

Crackdown 3 delivers the real like mayhem and destruction. This is not a typical adventure game, but a game where you can find immense adventure, speed and fantasy that most of the gamers like you would like. You will have the opportunity to use the powers to stop a real life like a criminal empire.

Are you ready for it? Gamers who like adventure and race or a competitive type of feeling playing games they would be amazed playing this game. You might think maybe this game is designed for avid gamers; the answer would be no.

This game is for all beginners and advanced level gamers.You can pre-order the game to avoid last time rush. The game is available online marketplace, like Amazon. The best online place you love to order through.


  • Crackdown 3 is expecting to be one of the best games ever made in the year 2017.
  • Though, the time is not more to wait, as the game is just knocking your door and you should ready to buy it for a new gaming experience with speedy adventure features.


  • The game can be played with single player.


Dead Rising 4,Price$59.96

Dead Rising 4


People who are looking for horror packed games; Dead Rising 4 is the perfect choice for them. The game is about to hit the marketplace. You can pre-order the game to avoid last time rush. The game is available online marketplace, like Amazon.

Dead Rising 4 is a game that narrates the story of a hero, Frank West. Frank West returns in Willamette, Colorado where Frank will fight against the zombies. The zombies suddenly have attacked the Willamette Memorial Mall and the surrounding area. Dead Rising 4 is one of the top games out for Xbox one players.

Dead Rising 4 is a game of zombies who have risen again to attack the city Willamette. Frank West will return the city after a long time, and he will confront these zombies. The zombies are more powerful than before, and they can attack your hero anytime and from anywhere.

You need to save your hero from the attack of zombies. You will get all advanced weapons as well as vehicles to destruct your enemies. Kill the zombies, the noxious predators in several ways or die killing them. You will have scope to manipulate the time and space on the battle, and you will be able to develop as well as refine the powers as much as you progress.

You can play the game in individual mode, or you can attack the zombie to save your hero in the team. You can make a team of up to four players to abolish your enemies. Use any weapon and any vehicle during the game to kill the zombies. Book the game today if you do not want to miss the chance fighting with zombies. Zombies in the game are more aggressive, and you need to prepare all the time to save their attack and to save your hero Frank.


  • Dead Rising 4 is a zombie game.
  • The game is developed with a marvelous soundtrack that you can feel the horror just like your real experience.
  • The game is amenities with powerful weapons and armored vehicles that you can save your hero Frank from dangerous and sudden zombie attack.
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  • The game can be played with single player.


Mass Effect: Andromeda,Price$59.96

Mass Effect: Andromeda


Mass Effect: Andromeda is one of the breathtaking action games, developed by BioWare. The game is coming soon to be played on your Xbox one video gaming console. Though, the game was announced in officially in the year of 2015, June. But the game will be available in the marketplace in next year.

You can schedule your pre-order for this action packed game at Amazon. If you are lucky enough then you can get gift card amount at thetime of final payment.

The game is an outstanding action game, and it can be played in 3rd person perspective. Players can choose the male character or female character to continue their gaming. The game is designed with high animation characters, 6-wheeled buggy type vehicle and Mako to experience the new world of action. You can ride a spaceship, known as Tempest to destroy your enemies.

You will have scope to manipulate the time and space on the battle, and you will be able to develop as well as refine the powers as much as you progress.

You will find different characters in the game, and each character belongs to the individual planet. Even you can experience high emotional drama, romantic rapports between the companions and different cooperative multi-player. The game will be taking place after the events of premier 3 Mass Effect games. The characters you will see in the game they are the successors of Ryder-an N7. Be the part of the team and destroy the enemies with strong hands.


  • Mass Effect: Andromeda is the action power packed game for Xbox One players.
  • The game is about to come in the marketplace soon.
  • You can play the game in different characters, whether you will choose the male or female, ultimate fun is assured.


  • The game can be played with single player.


Southpark: The Fractured, Price$ 59.99

Southpark: The Fractured


Southpark: The Fractured is a game designed by creator and developer South Park, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone. The game comes in the sequel to the South Park, which is also called the Stick of Truth. So now you think what kind of game it is if it is racing, fighting or an adventure game. Needless to say, it is an outrageous RPG adventure game. You will have scope to manipulate the time and space on the battle, and you will be able to develop as well as refine the powers as much as you progress.

The game is expecting to get a great popularity, because from beginner gamers to vintage gamers, everyone will like to play this, not much await the time. It is expecting to be launched at the end of the year or maximum March 2017.

You can create your costume and story to build your outstanding power to progress. The game is designed with cool 13 heroes, some of the well-known are – Mysterion, Human Kite, and Coon.  If you want to explore the south part at night, you need to save your town in the sunset, and you will see the park’s seedy come alive.

Do you think which Xbox one game to buy? The answer should be the entire above, one or multiple games you like to enjoy at home, alone or playing with your friends. It is expected that you get a free purchase with the stick of the truth; you will have the option to receive a free digital download of the South Park, though if you like to receive it for free.

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  • It is an excellent Xbox one game going to be launched in the year 2017.
  • Gamers would be glad playing this fantastic game, designed with high graphics and excellent picturesque.
  • You will have cool 13 heroes to choose from and to run and play the game.


  • The game can be played with single player.


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Price $59.96

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3


Are you looking forward to playing full horror game? Are you waiting for a ghost game? Then your waiting is going to be end soon. Now you can play an explicit piece of horror game the Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.

The game is designed to offer ultimate horror experience to its users. You can play the game in single mode. To avoid last time rush just visit the online store, Amazon and buy the game at a fair price.

Just pre-order now and get the game for you. You can gift the game to your friends who love to play a big horror game. the game is all about a sniper who complete the story in an outstanding way fighting against the evil. You can buy the game to have fun at your home or your office.

The game is all about the mission of a female sniper. You can play the game in a different mode. You can be a sniper, or you can be the ghost. Choose your role according to your wish and enjoy the whole game.

You will find yourself as an American sniper who is dropped behind the full enemy lines in the country of Georgia, just nick of the Russian border. You will have to prevent the enemies and protect the city from the chaos and collapse.

When you choose the role sniper, you can get different weapons, bullet and the wind like speed to defend your enemy till the last of the game. When you are a ghost, you can stock your enemy in different ways and make his or her life miserable. The game is designed in advance technology that users can get the extreme level of adventure during the play time. Even you can be the warrior to play the game.

Hence, now enjoy all three character of the game and play against your enemies to the fullest.


  • The game is designed with multiple characters, and you can choose one character to compete with your enemies.
  • The game is a full packed horror game and made with an advanced level of drama.
  • If you want to play the game, then pre-order the game now to have fun.
  • The game plots are designed in the Georgia just near the border of the Russia.


  • The game is made only for the single
  • The game offers three characters, like a ghost, sniper, and warrior to play and you can choose according to your choice.


Prey, Price $59.99



Now be the part of the game Prey which is just going to hit the online marketplace very soon. You can play the game in the year of 2017 with your friends and relatives. If you or your friends or colleagues are an avid gamer and want to play something different onXbox one gaming console, then the game Prey is just appropriate for them.

The game will be available online store, Amazon at best compatible price. You can pre-order the game now to avoid last time hassle.

Be the first one to book the game and enjoy great discount. The game is all about your awakening against the board Talos I, the space station in the orbit of the moon in the year of 2032.

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