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11 Best Xbox One Games 2017 that your kids will fall in love With!

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It is so difficult to choose the best part about XBOX games that spell complete entertainment and offer an environment in which players are involved throughout the game play. There are so many kinds of genres available — action, arcade, first-person shooting, and many more with exciting storyline and simulations. There are also available so many high-tech gaming consoles, such as XBOX ONE, which serves to offer mind-blowing graphics and sound quality. Additionally, so many video games are released every year for different age groups, including marvellous ones specifically for kids.

The game developers of such games have focused a lot on the concept and storyline so that it can attract the attention of kids. Moreover, the different features and options are kept under the understandable standards so that kids do not face any issue playing these games. Not only kids but parents can also enjoy the wonderful experience of these games.

If you are in search for the most effective and useful games for your kid, then check out the list below. It will help you in making an educated choice when it comes to looking for some of the best kids’ games for XBOX ONE:

#11. Pure Pool


There are not many games which are famous among all age groups. Pure Pool is a classic XBOX ONE game, which is popular among both adults and kids. There are different modes available in this game which makes it easy for the players to enjoy and stay entertained.

This cue sport game functions in a career mode, which offers around 40 hours of game play. The graphics and ball physics are very well highlighted, which leads to the immense popularity of Pure Pool.

Moreover, there are a good range of sticks which can be selected for playing pool. People across the world have praised Pure Pool and the critics have also been graceful with their reviews.


  • Release Date: 29th July, 2014
  • Developers: VooFoo Studios
  • Genre: Sports Simulation
  • Price: $12.99


#10. Just Dance 2015

Just Dance 2015 is the sixth version in the franchise. This is a dance video game which offers the players with different dance challenges. If you need to enjoy a lovely time dancing, then Just Dance 2015 is the perfect XBOX ONE game. You can call it is a family game, which would be cherished by every member.

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Right after its release, Just Dance 2015 was blessed with positive reviews from critics. The major appreciation was for its multiplayer option and pop tracks. Within a short period, over 5 million copies were sold worldwide, which makes this game very popular.

The main advantage of the 2015 version is the social networking feature, which offers players to challenge other online candidates. The players can also store or submit clips of their playing into the game. An interesting feature made available in Just Dance 2015 allows the player to use a smart phone as a controller with the help of a companion app.

With the help of the internal sensors, the motions are tracked using the smart phone. The soundtracks comprise 45 songs belonging to different genres. Share a wonderful dancing session and beat other players by showing those excellent moves.


  • Release Date: 21st October, 2014
  • Developers: Ubisoft Paris
  • Genre: Rhythm
  • Price: £15.00


#9. Lego Jurassic World

Lego Jurrasic Park

The Jurassic World has been transformed into a Lego game, which has several striking features to keep the kids entertained. Like other Lego games, Lego Jurassic World also follows a story mode and a free roam mode. The whole storyline is inspired by the movie and even have characters such as Dr. Alan Grant, Owen Grady, and Ian Malcolm.

Each of these characters has special abilities which are used at different stages in the game to proceed further. Apart from the regular characters, there are unlockable characters which can be activated as the players complete various missions. You would be amazed to know that there are more than 100 unlockable characters present in Lego Jurassic World. To retain the entertainment quotient in the game, there are more than 20 species of dinosaurs.

To enter the free roam mode, different missions in the story mode need to be completed. Lego Jurassic World also offers a two-player cooperation mode. There is a character called Dr.DNA in the game, which helps the player by offering hints and exploring the dinosaur trivia.

This particular character is of great use. To add more craze to this game, there is also an option to create human characters by visiting the Jurassic World Innovation Center or Jurassic Park Visitor Center. There are four chapters in this game, along with 20 different levels. There are no complicated missions or control options. This adventurous game can be played by kids and parents together. This is one of the perfect new kids games for XBOX ONE.

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  • Release Date: 12th June 2015
  • Developers: TT Fusion
  • Genre: Action-Adventure
  • Price: $49.99


#8. Skylanders: Trap Team


There are several action-adventure games available for XBOX ONE format. Skylanders: Trap Team is one such amazing game, which also offers an element of fantasy. The concept of this game is based on a near-field communication reader platform which helps in locating the NFC chips planted on the bottom of various figurines.

So once these figurines are located, they can be used in the game as playable characters. The storyline of Skylanders: Trap Team is based on a new range of figurines called The Trap Masters. These characters need to capture the different criminals released by Kaos from the dangerous prison of Cloud cracker.


In this particular version of the game, a new element called the ‘trap’ has been added, which can be used to store enemy characters. These bad characters can later be transformed in the game into god characters. There is also an option to control these figurines, which is a huge advantage for the player. There are various quests present in this game, which involve Skylanders and villains.

The players can switch between a Skylander and a villain at any point in the game. But there is a fixed time duration for which a villain can be used. There are 18 new Trap Master Skylanders, along with 40+ villains. This game was welcomed by critics and the audience in a wonderful manner. The reviews are very positive and one can indeed call it as one of the top XBOX ONE kids games.


  • Release Date: October 2, 2014
  • Developers: Toys for Bob
  • Genre: Toys-to-life, action-adventure
  • Price: $54.99


#7. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Lego Batman 3 Xbox One

This Lego version of a Batman video game is quite interesting and has been framed perfectly, so that kids can understand it. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is the third version in this Lego Batman series. There are numerous characters in the game, which can be selected to proceed in the storyline.

More than 150 characters can be controlled by the player, which is quite amusing. There is not much difference in this third instalment as compared to the previous two games. The character functions in a third-person perspective and needs to fight enemies, collect Lego ‘studs’ and solve various puzzles. There is also an option for co-operative mode which allows two players to work together.

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The various characters need to be unlocked as the player proceeds deeper into the Story Mode. The same rule applies for unlocking levels in Free Play mode. The advantage of Free Play is that, the player can replay any level which they have completed in the Story Mode.

There are different types of level hubs for the characters in the game such as the Moon, Batcave, and the Hall of Justice. These areas or sections in the game play offer puzzles which need to be solved in order to gain character tokens or golden bricks.

The final impressive feature of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is that, the player can create their own character by using the parts of various unlocked characters. Kids would enjoy playing this game as it also offers a costume swapping option.


  • Release Date: 11th November, 2014
  • Developers: Traveller’s Tales
  • Genre: Action-Adventure
  • Price: £18.47


#6. Screamride

There are numerous games available for kids on XBOX ONE which are framed in a unique manner and hold a totally different game play. These games are not only amusing, but also serve as a good brain enhancer. Screamride can be tagged as a puzzle video game or also as a construction simulator.

The game offers more than 50 levels, which can be covered under three different game play modes. These modes consist of totally different functions which have to be carried out by the player. These are Engineer, Demolition Expert, and Scream Rider.

The Engineer mode is totally dedicated to solving puzzles, based on the development of roller coasters and other exciting rides. The Scream Rider mode offers the player to ride the different coasters. The aim or objective in this mode is to prevent the rider from falling off the coaster.

The third mode is called the Demolition Expert, it involves the player to destruct the environment in order to gain points. Throwing cabins is part of this mode. One interesting feature of Screamride is the sandbox mode, where the players can create their own coasters with various prop elements. There are also options for the creation of environments and amusement spaces.


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