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10 Best Xbox One FPS Games that you need to start playing!

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The world of video games has gone through a lot of evolution over the past decade. Due to the demand for high-end games, developers have started focusing on offering conceptual ideas that are attractive and exciting at the same time. With the availability of high-tech gaming consoles, gamers are now offered with stunning visual graphics and 3-D gaming environment. All these features find their apt exhibition in First-person shooting or FPS games.

First-person shooting games have emerged as an all-time favorite genre for many people across the globe. They offer brilliant game play, surrounded by action, fantasy, and futuristic settings. Every year several FPS games are released due to their striking popularity. Moreover, one beneficial fact about FPS games is that, they offer a realistic feel for players and keeps them thoroughly engrossed. The various simulations present in these games are framed sensibly by the game developers, along with multiplayer and online playing options.

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Some of these FPS games also include daily and weekly challenges for the benefit of the players.

What makes FPS games even more enticing is when you combine them with XBOX ONE! This gaming console would boost your motion as well as action skills to a next level, along with marvelous graphics.

There are some very interesting and selective first-person shooting games for XBOX ONE, which would offer you with a whole new gaming experience.

Let us check some of the best FPS games for XBOX ONE, which have gained huge fame and positive reviews by the audience.

These games are all equipped with unique features to surely blow your mind.

Product Release Date Brand
Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Standard Edition - Xbox One 2015-11-06 Activision
Evolve Ultimate Edition - Xbox One 2015-11-03 2K Games
Destiny The Collection - Xbox One Standard Edition 2016-09-19 Activision
Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox One 2014-11-18 Rockstar Games
Far Cry 4 - Xbox One 2014-11-18 Ubisoft
Wolfenstein: The New Order for Xbox One N/A Bethesda
Battlefield 4 - Xbox One 2013-11-19 Electronic Arts
Halo 5: Guardians 2015-10-27 Microsoft
Titanfall - Xbox One 2014-03-11 Electronic Arts
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Xbox One 2014-11-04 Activision


#10. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein The New World Order


Release Date: May 20, 2014
Developers: Machine Games
Price: $59.99

The last game in the list of best XBOX ONE first-person shooting games is Wolfenstein: The New Order. The game is divided into several chapters, which need to be completed to proceed in the story.

The best part about this game is the presence of a large variety of weapons. This version of Wolfenstein has advance features and bug fixes which makes it a full-proof FPS game.The whole game play is surrounded with battle sessions with the enemies. If the players lose their health then there are revival packs available to regain the lost health.

Another interesting feature of Wolfenstein: The New Order is the presence of a cover system which can be successfully used against enemy attacks. The players are equipped with improved movement options such as lean around and under cover. Moreover, the players have quick access to a weapon inventory, which consists of a large number of weapons.

This makes it easy for the players to switch weapons whenever they want. Melee attacks can be used to take down enemies without being spotted. Wolfenstein: The New Order follows an interesting storyline which would keep you focused. The graphics are a major strength of this game.


  • Customize weapons
  • Melee attacks
  • Game narration


  • Undeveloped supporting characters
  • Slow narrative in some sections

#9. Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Release Date: November 6, 2015
Developers: Treyarch
Price: $59.99

Call of Duty has released various versions in the past few years. Black Ops III is framed 40 years ahead of Black Ops II and is setup in the year 2065. This is one of the new FPS games for XBOX ONE.  The storyline involves various countries developing supreme air-defenses and robotic strength.

The war field is dominated by cyborg soldiers and there are strong speculations that the world might fall prey to robotic invasion. There is a special team of black ops soldiers who try to prevent this situation.


The Nightmares campaign present in the game involves zombies and other unknown beings. This element surely makes the game play exciting. The best part about Call of Duty: Black Ops III is its 4-player cooperative game play, which offers brilliant features, such as open level designs. Moreover, the player can customize the look of their characters in the game.

The Unlock tokens available in the game can be used to purchase gears and weapons throughout the campaign. There are several extra features available in the multiplayer mode, such as slow boosts, wall sliding, and wall running. This version of Call of Duty has been successfully in attracting a large gamer audience. You can play it alone or with your friends to stay fully entertained.

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  • Nightmares campaign
  • Less corridor shooting
  • Music
  • Character customization


  • Data loss on shared connections
  • Stuttering Issues


#8. Evolve

Evolve Xbox One


Release Date: February 10, 2015
Developers: Turtle Rock Studios
Price: $15.77

Unlike other FPS games, Evolve follows a unique game play, which is different. The setup is based on an unknown alien planet, ‘Shear’. The best part about this game is that, it can be enjoyed on the single player as well as the multiplayer mode without getting bored.

The plot involves five characters or players, out of which four are designated as hunters while the remaining one plays as the monster. All the hunters act in the first-person shooter vision while the monster functions in the third-person view. So the main objective of the hunters is to kill the monster and the monster’s objective is to hunt for gaining more strength.

There are basically five different game play modes functioning in Evolve. These are: Rescue, Hunt, Nest, Arena, and Defend. All the five modes have various tasks for both the Monster and the Hunters. The weapons and machinery used by the hunters is quite advanced which makes the game interesting. The game’s atmosphere has been praised by the audience as well as critics. You would enjoy the game from the start. Do understand the controllers for an easy game play.


  • Impressive asymmetrical structure of the game
  • Controls
  • Design graphics


  • Light narrative
  • Large downloadable content


#7. Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Screenshot


Release Date: October 29, 2013
Developers: EA Digital Illusions CE
Price: $29.99

Battlefield 4 is the sequel to the third edition in this series, which was released in 2011. On its release, the game was welcomed positively by both audience and critics. If you are in search for a systematic first-person shooting game, then Battlefield 4 would suit your requirement. It can surely be called as one of the top XBOX ONE FPS games. The game was a commercial hit with around 7 million copies sold worldwide.

Battlefield 4’s single player mode is set in the year 2020. The story is set up around the conflicts between the United States and Russia. Moreover, China is also plotting a war situation. The player would initially be controlling Sgt. Daniel Recker, who belongs to the U.S. Special Operations.

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The head-up display of this game is divided into two sections. A mini-map and a compass are present in one section while the other includes a health meter and ammo counter. The objective notice is also a part of the HUD. The player is equipped with weapons, which can be used in various modes such as automatic and semi-automatic.

There is also an availability of dual-scoped weapons. The player’s combating skills have been enhanced in this version. Actions such as countering attacks, crouching, and underwater diving can be very well operated. These movements have contributed a lot to the game play.


  • Interesting map design
  • Excellent commander mode


  • Mismatched maps
  • Average single player


#6. Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5 Guardians


Release Date: October 27, 2015
Developers: 343 Industries
Price: $49.04

The Halo series of video games has established itself in the gaming world quite efficiently. The latest version called Halo 5: Guardians was released last year. The plot of the game revolves around the retrieval mission of the Blue Team of human super soldiers, which goes missing without any trace.

Fire team Osiris and Jameson Locke are then given charge to search for the missing members. Halo 5 has superb graphics and consists of a new game engine that quickly changes the resolution. Though the game is rated in the first-person shooter category, for some sequences like story illustration, the camera does changes to the third-person view.

Some of the features of the Halo series are retained in this version as well. The MJOLNIR powered armour is one such feature. This armour is capable of tackling weapon fires. The characters who can carry two personal weapons with them are called as Spartans. Weapon swapping is an option any time in the game.

Grenades can also be used by the Spartans along with the use of vehicles in the game. Moreover, Halo 5 offers the player with a capable fire team of NPC Spartans who are present in the game at all times. The game was able to gross a huge sum  – around $US 500 million – in its first week. The multiplayer component of Halo 5 has been appreciated by critics.

The game would surely offer you a wonderful experience as you proceed deeper into the story.

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  • Aiming while looking down for all firearms
  • Grenade throwing
  • Different game play attributes for each Spartan in cooperative play


  • No offline gaming feature
  • No split-screen campaign
  • No local networking options


#5. Destiny

Destiny Screenshot


Release Date: September 9, 2014
Developers: Bungie
Price: $44.95

Destiny is another FPS game for XBOX ONE, which has gained huge fame. This game is set up in a fictional world where the human race is under threat from complete alien invasion. Destiny is an online game, which also offers multiplayer option. The various tasks or activities in the game are divided into two sections that are Player versus Environment and Player versus Player.

There are regular missions available in the game, along with six-player raids in the Player versus Environment game type. Destiny is no doubt an interesting game, which consists of a variety of modes that would retain your attention throughout. Apart from this, there are also objective-based modes which can also be activated.

The storyline revolves around the character of the Guardian. Guardians are the defenders of planet Earth and are safeguarding the last existing city (The Last City) on the planet. These guardians are blessed with a special power which they can use to tackle various alien races. So the main task of the Guardians in this game is to revive a particular being, named as the Traveller. Also, the Guardians have to travel to different planets and destroy aliens in order to wipe out any estimated threat to the human race.

The game has been praised by critics due to its competitive format. The storyline includes a lot of travelling to different planets, which makes this quest more exciting. Conventional weapons, along with robots, would make this game your favourite. One the day of its release, Destiny earned around US $500 million. It has also earned the BAFTA Award for Best Game.


  • Impressive combat
  • Excellent graphics
  • Loads of loot


  • Small missions
  • Average story


#4. Grand Theft Auto V



Release Date: 18th November, 2014
Developers: Rockstar North
Price: $59.43

The GTA series has created a rage since the start of its role-play version. This famous game holds full freedom to perform tasks, which are drenched in violence, crime, and fortune. The Grand Theft Auto V is counted as an FPS due to its latest development. So, what makes this game interesting?

It is the game play, set up in crime-ridden cities of America and the protagonist’s approach to carry out missions by driving sweet rides, visiting strip clubs, and carrying high-end weapons is the highlight of GTA V.

The open world setup of Grand Theft Auto V allows players to freely roam the streets of San Andreas and other nearby areas. The storyline is quite interesting this time. It doesn’t involve a single protagonist but three different characters! One is a rich family man who has relationship issues while the other two are criminals – a psychotic character and a stated gangster. They are forced to commit heists due to the pressure imposed by one of the government agencies. The players can switch between these three characters.

A third-person and first-person view are both available in GTA V. One of the biggest strengths of GTA games is its excellent soundtracks. It suits perfectly with the game setup and actions.

The game’s trailer had made the audience curious and on its release date, it earned around US $800 million! Critics have praised this game a lot due to its presentation and multiple player switching option. GTA V has also received Game of the Year title and has sold around 54 million copies, making it one of the best-selling video games till date.


  • Impressive story
  • Three protagonists


  • Lesser heists
  • Online game play is not stable
  • Inefficient multiplayer


#3. Titanfall

Titanfall Screenshot


Release Date: March 11, 2014
Developers: Respawn Entertainment
Price: $39.96

The best part about this game is its attractive concept. The player is equipped with loads of weapons and motion features which makes Titanfall a wonderful FPS game. The players are developed into foot soldiers, who are basically pilots to the mechanical-style exoskeletons called as ‘Titans’. These are equipped with interesting machinery, used to fight combats with enemy battleships. The game is setup in war-prone colonies that deal in space exploration and fights.

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The striking features of Titanfall include the wall-running capability of these computer-controlled characters. Moreover, around 50 different characters can be activated in a single game. The Titan battle-exoskeletons can be controlled without any hassle and are excellent war structures. The first-player shooting experience offered by Titanfall is commendable.

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Some other impressive features are saved with the pilot’s capabilities. Invisible cloak, speed boosts, and x-ray vision are some of them. Conventional weapons made available to the pilots include assault rifles, machine guns, smart pistol, and sniper rifles.


Titanfall created a great buzz after its release. The developers were able to maintain quality through the game play. Moreover, the various functions offered to the players have made this game an all-time successful game. It is one of the Best FPS XBOX ONE games in recent years.


  • Giant mechanics
  • Availability of Spyglasses
  • Co-op mode


  • Unstable campaign
  • Less content
  • Inefficient sniper action


#2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advance Warfare


Release Date: November 4, 2014
Developers: Sledgehammer Games
Price: $51.95

Among the best XBOX ONE games in the FPS category there is one particular leader which has always maintained its position. The Call of Duty series has always kept the audience curious. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a science-fiction military storyline, which is full of thrill and adventure.

All the Call of Duty games have been designed in the first person shooter setup. Talking about this particular version, there have been several changes which have indeed improved the game play. There is no HUD, that is, head-up-display this time. All the information which needs to be updated to the player appears through a holographic projection.

Apart from this, the ‘Exo’ movements are also an interesting add-on to the game. This is an option to dash, sky jump, and boost. This particular feature has impressed a major share of gamer population.

The gunplay has not been altered, but the weaponry has enhanced. Now the player can select different types of weapons, which also include energy firearms that have varying functions. Exo Cloak is another impressive feature which makes the player turn transparent. Talking about the game play, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set up in the future between the years 2054 and 2061.

The protagonist in the game is the character called Jack Mitchell, who belongs to the United States Marine Corps. The storyline deals with Jack’s face-off with a private military organization. The game was released with a good opening response from audience and critics. This is a content-rich game which also has a multiplayer option. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has won several awards such as the Golden Joystick Award in 2015.


  • Interesting weapons and machinery
  • Return of the Zombie mode
  • Effective multi-player option


  • Basic campaign
  • Too many set pieces
  • Season pass for $50


#1. Far Cry 4

Farcry 4


Release Date: November 18, 2014
Developers: Ubisoft Montreal
Price: $54.68

The Far Cry series has been quite successful as an action adventure FPS game. The fourth version of the series is based in a fictional area somewhere in the Himalayas. The name of the area is Kyrat and here, the game play focuses on Ajay Ghale who is a young Kyrati-American.

He is stuck in a civil war which has developed in the region between the Royal Army and the rebels called as the Golden Path. The protagonist has to tackle enemy soldiers and handle dangerous wildlife scenarios. He is equipped with a wide range of weapons to complete side missions and collect various items in his journey. The player needs to progress in the game’s main story by completing missions.

Far Cry 4 has a co-operative multi-player mode and a map editor, which are counted as its strongest features. The game developers thought of continuing the story of Far Cry 3 in the fourth instalment, but later ditched the plan. Far Cry 4 has a whole new storyline which is much more intense and appealing.

The open world design, along with soundtracks and characters, has made this game quite famous. The game was a success story, as more than 7 million copies were sold within the first six weeks after its release. There were several glitches in the game’s installation in the start, but that issue was quickly resolved by the developers.


  • New wildlife scenario
  • Open World Setup
  • Free limited edition on pre-order


  • No bonus for terminating war elephants
  • Little changes in specifications since Far Cry 3

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All of these XBOX ONE FPS games have been acknowledged and even awarded for their amazing concept and game play, which make them special.

Try out these video games and tell us which one blew your mind. Each of these games has interesting tasks and objectives which would test your gaming skills.

If you are an active gamer, then take up this challenge to try out all of the above listed games.

Action, thrill, team-play, and what not! You will get it all through these first person shooting games.

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