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13 Best Xbox 360 Racing Games Ever – Step behind the wheel!

A world of speed, fantasy and excitement – in short, that’s what the world of Xbox 360 racing games is made of. As you drive off into this hyper-realistic world which flaunts breathtaking graphics, you realise its not just about the speed or the thrill that attracts you to this game.

The best Xbox 360 Racing Games test your racing strategy and excite you with awesome sound tracks that back the racing speed and other limitless options. Yes, you always have the option of an easier game-play but there’s no rush in that, is there? Other factors that pique your interest in these games include options to build and even share your own circuit.

One of the biggest attractions of these top Xbox 360 racing games is that they have been upgraded from the local single or multiplayer player mode to online multiplayer.

So, you can compete with friends and foes, anytime and anywhere. It is time to strap yourself up because this is a thrill-ride that where you don’t want to loosen up.

Though it’s always difficult to come up with a top 10 list in any genre of Xbox 360, here is a list of our 13 Best Xbox 360 Racing Games for 2016!

Product Release Date
Need for Speed Rivals (Complete Edition) - Xbox 360 2014-10-21
Dirt 3: Complete Edition -Xbox 360 2012-03-20
GRID Autosport - Xbox 360 Black Edition Edition 2014-06-24
F1 Race Stars - Valencia Street Circuit Edition (Xbox 360) N/A
Need for Speed Most Wanted - Xbox 360 2008-06-04
Shift 2 - Unleashed - Xbox 360 (Limited) 2011-03-29
Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox 360 2014-09-30
Forza Motorsport 4 - Xbox 360 2011-10-11
Burnout Revenge - Xbox 360 2006-03-07
F1 2011 - Xbox 360 2011-09-20
Trials Fusion - Xbox 360 Digital Code 2014-12-11


  1. Need For Speed Rivals

    Need For Speed Rivals



This is one of the latest games in the Need for Speed racing games. It is an adaptation of the arcade-based racing game. Here, the Rivals are at loggerheads with the police. It captures the excitement and chase between cops and the rogues with adrenaline and intensity. The racing pursuits happen in Redview County. You can pick to be a cop or even the escapist. Some of the other features of the game includes-


  • 100 miles on the open that pumps up your adrenaline.
  • You can transition from single player to multiplayer mode without much trouble or stopping the game.



  1. Dirt 3

dirt 3 xbox 360


Though it is just a couple of years old, Dirt 3 still hangs out on the road as a complete off-road arcade best racing Xbox 360 games. Always wanted to be a part of a car rally? Then Dirt 3 is the ultimate game for car racers and enthusiasts who want to step on the gas. With state-of-the-art graphics and mystique landscapes surrounding the screen, you drive through snow and rain and even test your ability to drive at night.

What’s more, the real life effect of wipers and tires are there to test your driving potential. With tight handling and 6 manual tuning options you are able to balance your car in different terrains. And the experience is absolutely enthralling and you forget for a few minutes that you are actually not in a real car. The special sound effects take you through a cinematic journey with rustling winds and skidding of tires. It comprises of several modules, especially when you have to dodge obstacles gymkhana.

For the hardcore fans that are looking for some speed while being comfortable with the graphics and design, Dirt 3 covers all the bases.

Pro- It gets you grooving with some great dodging strategies

Con- The core zones for rally seem a bit lighter on the ground-side.


  1. Grid 2


In the middle of the pack somewhere are games like Grid 2 that competes with the new racing games for Xbox 360 and manages a soft spot with the users. It hangs around somewhere amidst the colonnade and simulator, but Grid 2 has a league of its own. These extremely absorbing games will not let you get up for a fraction of a second.

It keeps the user intrigued till the very end. The game also has a casual approach, which makes it easier for the beginners to get a hand of. You have to defeat the cream of the drivers from across the globe to secure your place in the world of gaming. You get awesome racetracks, seamless drives and amazing car crashes that gets you up from the seat.

It is a game that makes you rethinks your strategies. One of the biggest attractions would be the option for both single player and multiplayer modes.

Pros- Plenty of variation with open road circuits, city ranges and other real tracks that keep you accelerating. A list of cars that gets your heart beating! Can be played over and over again.

Con- Could be a little too simple for the rad players. Monotonous dialogues.


  1. F1 Race Stars

f1 race stars xbox 360


This game had been created to target the youth audience. And you don’t need to have a driving license for this one – it sure is popular with tweens. The F1 Race Stars is officially licensed by Formula One and has your favorite star characters on the wheel. It is like a re-imagination of the Formula One’s star drivers as cartoon characters. In particular, it remains a favorite of those who love to follow Formula 1 and would jump off the seats to see the most popular circuits of racing like Monza and Spa-Francorchamps on the map.

Pros- The road is bumpy ahead with lots of loop-the loops, shortcuts, jumps and is fit to keep the inner Lewis Hamiltons star-gazed.

Con- You wish it could be real!


  1. Need for Speed Most Wanted


The Need for Speed Rivals is giving this version some tough competition but being launched a couple of years back, it may have already become boring for some. Nevertheless, it still ranks high on the best racing Xbox 360 games list. Fans of the Need for Speed franchise can never really get bored by any of their new launches. This one is all set to excite the arcade racer. You have to outsmart not only the cops, but your friends too – after all there’s only one winner!


  • It has 3 awesome modes for gaming that includes sprint racing, circuit racing and time trials.
  • All of this happens on the open road with cops in pursuit for a high-speed chase.
  • You enjoy with a seamless multiplayer option to challenge friends constantly.


Con- Don’t let the launch date dissuade you


  1. Shift 2: Unleashed 



Shift 2 is one of the best and new racing games for Xbox 360. It is all about taking street racing game for Xbox 360 to the next level. You get a complete view of the multi-player options and give you that over the top feel of driving rough. Shift 2: Unleashed gets you all the fun that you look for in a class game where you can thrash your car and not worry about loosing that grip. It has amazing background sound with engine roaring and a mesmerizing experience.


Pros –

  • Violent game play that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  • Beautiful French circuits like Dijon-Prenois.
  • Reach break-neck pace even as your hands sweat from holding the remotes – a real thrill.


Con- Can be a bit lose in some parts.


  1. Forza Horizon 2


Launched in the year 2014, this certainly deserves a place in the best racing games for Xbox 360. The 2nd version is well upgraded from the first, which makes it possible for you to enjoy a lot more thrill. You get to choose from an impressive inventory of cars that leaves you craving for more. And each ride is so distinct from the other. It is a dream come true stage for all drivers and if you are a Top Gear addict, you will feel your heart thumbing already as you swerve between South of France and Northern Italy.


Pros- Awesome graphics and option to sync with multiplayers online adds to the thrill. Just for one time, you don’t mind smashing the street lamps for fun.


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