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Top 10 Watch Brands for Men (2017) which Make Stunning Style Statements

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Luxury watches speak volumes about your personality and are an excellent symbol of success. Whether you are looking to add one to your existing collection, or you want to buy your first luxury watch, the extensive number of options can make the buying process overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Watches not only add a spark to your overall look, but a classy timepiece indicates sophistication and character.

In today’s world, people often judge each other by the accessories they wear. So wrapping a classy yet appealing watch around your wrist will definitely help you to stand out from the crowd.

There are many reasons that a man must wear a watch. First of all, watches help you stay punctual. Since ages, the most convenient way to be updated with time is to wear a wristwatch. Where your Smartphones die, watches come to the rescue to make you reach a certain place on time.

Secondly, a crafty watch is probably the best accessory a man can sport besides gentle manliness.

With the population increasing day – by – day, not just one company, but many are stepping in the market to fulfil the desires of the customers. There are many well – known brands that are involved in selling men’s luxury watches. And with the increase in the competition, every brand is working hard to deliver the best they can. At such a time, when there are so many options in great watch brands for men available, it becomes a bit difficult to choose the best one.

To make the buying process easier, here is a list of Top Men’s Watch Brands for 2016 that will tell you the pros and cons of the best watches available in the market.  So read on!


  1. Timex

timex logo

All Timex Watches Models
Apart from staying abreast of the time, many people prefer wearing Timex watches as a fashion statement, or to aspire for a high end lifestyle. If you are looking for a men’s watch that is both luxurious and affordable, the wide-range of options from Timex are sure to impress you.

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More than the aesthetics, the brand generally focuses on the value, and has some amazing timepieces available under $100. The brand started making its presence felt in the world of affordable luxury watches in 1980s, and has continued to build its reputation and quality.

Intelligent Quartz, Expedition and Ironman are some of the most successful lines of luxury watches from Timex. The best thing about the brand is that it doesn’t require you to invest a lot of money and even its classics, like Weekender and Camper watch are available under $50. Even the high-end pieces from Timex, like the Intelligent Quartz Flyback Chronograph, are available under $200.

While the aesthetics of timepieces from Timex are not highly impressive, the brand has been producing some handsome pieces in the past few years.  There are varieties of features that a Timex watch offers, like – alarm, chronograph, date, indiglo, heart rate monitor, GPS, etc.


  • Highly affordable
  • Great combination of looks and functionality
  • These watches are designed for everyday use


  • Watches are not very aesthetically pleasing
  1. Invicta

invicta logo

All Invicta Watches Models

The massive collection of watches offered by Invicta is responsible for its ranking at the 9th spot in this list of great watch brands for men. The brand manufactures myriad types of timepieces for every price range and need.

Among the wide-range of watches manufactured by the company, a lot of them are nothing short of gems that are available at a highly affordable rate. You can easily get a luxury watch under $200 with sapphire crystal and Japanese automatic movement from Invicta. The timepieces from Invicta are a real bargain, and a lot of them have features that can only be found in watches worth hundreds of dollars.

While the company didn’t do an impressive job of manufacturing a variety of line of luxury watches that were heavily inspired by their expensive Swiss counterparts, models like Ocean Ghost II and Pro Diver Automatic are pretty impressive aesthetically. In fact, they are much better options than those from the under $100 category of Casio and Timex.

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  • Wide-range of watches for every price range
  • Highly affordable
  • Some models are highly impressive


  • Some of the latest models are heavily inspired by other expensive Swiss watches
  1. Seiko

seiko logo

All Seiko Watches Models

If you are looking for a brand that offers a dynamic combination of reliability, value and longevity, then Japanese powerhouse Seiko can be an excellent choice. No matter if you are looking for a casual, sports, diving or a dress watch, Seiko offers a full gamut of options, making it stand at the 8th spot in this list of Top Brands Watch Brands of 2016.

While a lot of people believe that the timepieces from Seiko are cheap as they originate in Japan, the watches are pretty famous and are loved by a number of luxury watch-enthusiasts. The reason is that, the timepieces from the brand are of premium quality, highly reliable and offer great value for your investment.

It is said that every man should at least once own a Seiko watch in his lifetime. If you are planning to stand true to this adage, choose from their amazing range of automatic divers and you are sure to fall in love with Seiko. Even their Solar Watches have gained highly positive reviews. Moreover, the brand is also the official timekeeper of a number of sporting events, like World Cups and Olympics.


  • Hundreds of options in various categories
  • Reliable, affordable and efficient


  • Aesthetics are not at par with other high-end models
  1. Orient

orient logo

All Orient Watches Models

While Orient is a subsidy of Seiko, it is not as popular as the latter. But people who love affordable luxury watches simply love Orient. Right from automatic dive watches to dress watches; the timepieces from Orient are not just affordable, but attractive, classic and versatile, making it one of the best men’s watch brands in the world.

While the watches from Orient are decently priced and you can easily get an impressive model under $150, the brand does an excellent job on the aesthetics of the watches to make sure that they don’t look cheap or over-styled. The brand manufactures watches for people who can use them on daily basis.

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Mako is one of their classiest watches that costs far lesser than its specs. While the base models from the brand are slightly expensive compared to the base models offered by their brethren Seiko, their most expensive, Pro Saturation Diver is nowhere close to the high-end Grand Seiko Line from Seiko that costs thousands of dollars.


  • Excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable luxury watch
  • Wide range of options across multiple categories


  • High-end models could have been better in looks

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  1. Bulova

bulova logo

All Bulova Watches Models

Located in New York City, Bulova was founded in the year 1875 by Joseph Bulova. In 1979, Loews Corporation acquired Bulova, and was then bought by Citizen in the year 2008. Together, Citizen and Bulova are the largest watchmakers in the world.

Bulova manufactures watches across a wide price range. You can get their watches under $300, and they also have watches that cost thousands of dollars. One thing common among all the timepieces from Bulova is their precise craftsmanship. Even their entry-level models have impressive craftsmanship, Swiss automatic movement and sapphire crystal.

While the brand uses a large amount of Swiss parts, their watches are assembled in USA. Another great thing about Bulova watches is their accuracy. The brand is a frontrunner mechanical watchmaker, and maintains accuracy of 10 seconds or less every year. This is lot more than the generally acceptable accuracy for mechanical watches which is 15 seconds in a month.


  • Extensive range of luxury watches
  • Impressive craftsmanship
  • Most accurate timepieces


  • Entry level watches are more expensive than the entry level models of brands, like Seiko, Invicta, etc.
  1. Fossil

fossil logo

All Fossil Watches Models

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