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22 Best PC Games (2017) – You Simply Cannot Sit on Your Couch Idle Anymore

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The games are definitely the best part of a human life. Humans love different forms of games and sports. With the digitalization, though, playing the games now is not only a hobby but also a form of entertainment. People can really get the best possible entertainment with the various video games.

Every year a lot of PC games are provided to the people of the world.

These PC games are at times upgraded, and at times they are launched new.

The PC games that are available nowadays are many, and the top computer games always manage to win the hearts without any doubt. The best games PChas definitely given people an opportunity of enjoying the games from their laptops and PCs.

There is no doubt in the fact that people are waiting for the best computer games 2017.

Selecting the PC games:

Before moving on to the very best PC games, people should know that what exactly are they going to do when it comes to the selection of the best games for themselves? It is a matter that needs serious attention as the PC games are really costly and they surely do not want to waste a lot of money when it comes to the buying of the very same.

Few of points that people should necessarily follow when it comes to the PC games are as follows:

  • Looking for the genre: this is the very first thing that people should look into. Are they interested in the genre of the game they at all are selecting for themselves? Answering this is the very first thing that they should be looking forward to.

There are various genres of the game like that of the action, and the hack and slash can really be counted as two different genres. Then there are the games that are related to the sports.

Getting through with the best available genre is really something that people should be necessarily looking forward to. Many people are interested in action, but then their interest lies in the very medieval or historical action. These things matter a lot.

  • Looking for the PC specifications: this particular point is more than just necessary. Without the matching of the PC specification selecting a game is one thing that shouldn’t be at all looked into.

People should really ensure that they do have an idea that each and every PC has different specifications and a different set of configurations altogether. If a person really wants to get the very best kind of PC games for themselves, then this is absolutely necessary that people should ensure that the PC specifications should be thoroughly checked with.

  • Getting through with the reviews: This is again one of the most important points. People should really understand that the reviews are really very important for them. The reviews will actually make sure of the fact that the game is worth a try or not.

There are many games that may have had successful predecessors, but that necessarily doesn’t mean that this particular game also has the qualities to hold the name for itself.

  • Comparing prices: there are various places from where people can actually buy these games from. People can actually select a lot of places from where they can choose to buy the games. They can select the physical stores or the online stores. All has a different set of prices actually. Understanding this is absolutely important that people should necessarily make sure that from where they want to buy after properly comparing the prices of the PC games.

All these points mentioned above are really very important, and this is the exact reason why people should actually ensure that they have checked all the above-mentioned points in order to get the best results.

List of the best games available:

Let’s take a look at the few best games available for the PC:

List of PC games whose price range varies from $30- $50

Syberia 3, $39.99



PC games and action adventures walk hand in hand, and Syberia 3 just like its predecessors promise to provide people with the best possible action adventure. This particular game can be well considered in the list of the cool games for PC. This game is based on the life of Kate Walker and promises to provide with the most beautiful gaming experience to its players.

This game focuses on few most important and beautiful features that people must be looking forward to.


  • This game is a 3D game with life like features. The images are more than real and are specially designed in a way that people can experience the life-like
  • Even the story line of this game seems to be more than attracting the players. Here Kate Walker is actually looking forward to helping the nomads of the island she has finally decided to settle on to fight off their enemies. What follows is an action-packed
  • It is a single player game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, $37.99

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017


This particular game wins every football fanatic’s heart in just a few The Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is one of the most evolved version lately and has managed to win just more than hearts. It has managed to provide a great deal of real zeal and excitement without any doubt at all.

This particular game has few newly added features that will definitely attract a huge lot of crowd altogether.


  • The USP of this game is actually more than one.This is the 16thinstallment of the game.
  • The Camp Nou stadium is officially and exclusively available to this game starting from this year itself. It has officially teamed up with FC Barcelona and thus the result.
  • People can really expect great realistic passes and improved techniques for goals and not to forget the real touch ball control as well.
  • It can be easily considered as one of the great PC
  • It is a single as well as multiplayer game.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, $49.96

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3


There is no doubt in the fact that there are many tactical shooting game fans available around the world. This particular game is definitely one of the most acknowledged and known among the action adventure game fanatics. This particular game runs by the basic concept of players assuming various characters in order to achieve the best of various machines that they are assigned.

The Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is practically a modern era game and is based on a proxy war and a civil war in Georgia. The players are supposed to take on the role of one Jonathan North who will protect the world from another cold war from happening.


  • The game is practically based on the three different and unique pillars. The three pillars are namely the very target, execute, and survive.
  • The game is practically based on the open world concept, and people can get the best of the game by managing to use the various tactics of defending, attack and survive.
  • It is a single-player game.


Elex, $49.99



Are you a sci-fi fanatic? Then this is one video game that will quench the thirst of a person for a sky-fi adventure. It has almost all the adventures of a sky-fi thriller, and people will definitely get the very best out if the same.

This particular game manages to attract the people in the best possible way that they can actually think of. This game is one of the wonders that helps a person in realizing that how changed the world of games are nowadays. With this game, people can definitely win the best possible chance of experience the following of the best features.


  • One of the best story lines when compared to the few very recent games that people can actually come across with. This game definitely makes it possible for the people to get through with the best results no matter what in terms of living the game.
  • It is a role play game. Having this game can be one of the best possible advantages that people can actually come across with because of the fact that this game will give an entry to the world of imagination and that too in the most efficient way of course.
  • The plot, of course, is very engaging and steals the show.
  • It is a single player game.


List of PC games whose price range varies from $51- $60


Dishonoured 2, $59.96

Dishonoured 2


Stealth action adventure, as they define it. This game truly represents the tag without fail. People can actually be extremely assured of the very fact that with the help of this game they will get to live the exact kind of action adventure that they must have been looking forward to.

Its predecessor no doubt had already set a huge expectation for the people, but this definitely seems to fulfill that expectation and even successfully cross the same.


  • The best part about this particular game is definitely the story line that it possesses without any doubt. As the story goes, the Empress and her father are definitely thrown out of their throne, and now it is high time for them to claim it back.
  • People can choose to be the empress or her father and play the game. Both come with unique supernatural powers and thus make the game much more interesting than it already is.
  • It is a single player game.


Mafia III, $59.99

Mafia III


Well everybody at some point desires to be a thug but unfortunately it will be considered illegal. So why not take advantage of being a Mafia somewhere, where no one will consider it as an illegal act? Yes Mafia III just like its predecessors has kept this particular option open for the people who loves playing action packed games.

This particular game is not only promising but is looking forward to attracting the mass crowd with its exceptional features.


  • This game is opened to all in a third person perspective, and people can really enjoy the best possible effects out of it.
  • The character that the players are going to assume the role of is named Lincoln Clay. He is on a mission to avenge the death of his friends by the local goons.
  • Also, to make matters interesting, he is a Vietnam War veteran. The game is extremely realistic and is offered on all the platforms.
  • It is a single player game.


Residential Evil, $59.99

Residential Evil


Everybody loves the Residential Evil series, and there is no need to make people understand that what other reasons they do need to play this game. This particular game is a legend in itself, and there is no way it is ever going to disappoint its fans with the latest game as well.

The new features of this particular game are really something each and every game player will love.


  • The 20th-anniversary gifts for the fan are definitely something that is filled with an uniqueness all over. This game is definitely one of those rare games that will give you chill and fun all at the very same time without having to get bored at all.
  • With this game, the survival horror is back and how! This one game is available on all the platforms except Macintosh and getting through with the best horror experience is exactly what people will remember when it comes to this game.
  • It is a single player game.


NieR: Automata, $59.99

NieR: Automata


this is again one of the treats for the action packed players. They are always ready for an action, and thus this particular game will be the reason enough to win their hearts no matter how.

This particular game is equivalent in standards to its predecessors, and people can really expect one of the most fun-filled experience out of the same without any doubt at all. This particular game manages to get through with the best possible visual as well as audio effects and people just cannot get enough of this game because of this very reason only.

Also, people can be much assured of the very fact that they will achieve nothing less that worthy return for the money they had spent because the features are more than just rewarding.


  • This is definitely one of the best available role play games that people can actually get their hands on. This game makes a lot of sense as it gives people an opportunity to live through it without any doubt all.
  • This game is definitely one of those games that have not only made the option of the role play games so very interesting, but a newly added feature to the very same makes it more than enthralling.
  • The game gives the player a 360-degreeview, and it definitely keeps them in an advantage without any doubt at all. With this particular game, people can expect the open world concept.
  • It is a single player game


Agents Of Mayhem, $59.99

Agents Of Mayhem


This game is definitely another of the action-packed adventures that people would not at all like to lose on. This particular game will ensure that the people actually get through with the best possible graphics in terms of the video and the audio.

The overall experience for the players can be termed as a bliss without any doubt at all. This game definitely makes sure that each and every person get the best possible experience of the action games. It is a highly anticipated game because of the features that it has necessarily.

This game will allow people to get the best possible results when it comes to playing the Open world games.


  • The agent of mayhem is a story that is more than interesting. People can actually get the best results in terms of the action game. This story revolves around an organization namely M.A.Y.H.E.M and people playing are part of the same.
  • This game will allow people to play from all the available platforms, and also they will give people an opportunity of getting through with the best possible results when it comes to playing the game from a third-person perspective. This game actually allows people to live the experience of the game in the best possible way ever.
  • It is a single player game


South Park, $60



If the superhero movies and the games are just not enough for you then you need to add this on to the list of the already long list of action games of yours.

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