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30 Best Office Chairs 2018 To work Comfortably & Be Productive

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As our civilization evolved, the value of the work transferred from muscle to grey matter. This was rightly reflected in the workplaces, which made the appropriate arrangements to find, nourish and encourage ‘knowledge workers’, who are the people who bring their specific brain power to the organization.

These people were given desk jobs and it was soon realized that something wasn’t right. The ‘knowledge workers’ were having lots of physical and associated mental issues leading to they being unable to contribute as much as expected out of them. After some study it was discovered that these people were suffering from hosts of physical problems, which was taking away all their attention from work. The physical problems ranged from back pain, to neck and shoulder pain, to slow typing speeds. These problems were merely on the lighter side.

The more serious side of the problem consisted of long term damage to these people having desk jobs such as RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) and chronic back and shoulder pains. These were taking its toll on the performance of these people. The question was what was wrong and what was required to fix majority of the problems.  After a long research it was found that the answer lied in the chairs used for these office staff.

This is the reason that we have compiled all the best office chairs at different price points. We really hope that it will help you avoid problems for your knowledge and desk workers and help them deliver their best by buying your organization buy good office chair.



Adele Executive Recliner cum Office Chair, Price $3200.00

This is one of those classy office chairs which stand apart right from the way they look, to the way they feel, and the way they relax and energize the person sitting in them. This is what makes this chair as one of the top office chairs. This chair is targeted towards busy and hardworking executives whose needs and requirements are generally different from that of general office staff. Generally executives and managers work in high pressure and high stress environment. If proper care is not taken such pressures and tensions take toll on their physical and mental well being. Moreover, these people are very busy and generally do not have time to take regular breaks. So, their ideal chair should include stress busting mechanisms as well as relaxation mechanisms. Adele executive recliner cum office chair is designed keeping in mind such special needs and requirements.

Few points which make this chair unique are

  • They are constructed from Steel frame and top grain black color leather is used for all cushions. This makes these chairs classy and therefore appropriate for office of executives and managers.
  • The chair has adjustable hand rest.
  • The seating height is adjustable from 18 to 22 inches.
  • The chair doubles up as a recliner for on the spot relaxation
  • It has 5 star base with casters making them easily movable and also very stable.


Below office chairs are priced below $3,000

Global Industries 32173NBKPB08 Granada Series Office Chair, Price $2883.92

Global Industries 32173NBKPB08 Granada Series Office Chair is a full series dedicated to quality, comfort and convenience of office staff. This series is ergonomically designed centered around the specific needs and requirements of managerial staff whose main work involves sitting at their desks for lengthy hours.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • High back which is designed to give support to the full back especially if the person leans backwards?
  • The lumbar support of this char is more pronounced and hence provides excellent support to lumbar especially when people sit for long. This helps prevent the lower back pain in such people who are at more risk of developing lower back pain due to their sedentary habits or needs.
  • Other features include flexibility of forward and backward tilting limited by infinite lock mechanism, sliding seat depths to personalize it to individual needs to provide support to the underside of the legs, adjustable arm supports for proper arm posture which would help prevent shoulder and neck strain.
  • The fabric used in this chair is stain resistant so it doesn’t matter if coffee gets spilled on it accidently. There will not be any patches giving a clear look to your office.


La-Z-Boy 921235 Horizon Collection Executive Office Chair, Price $2108.99

This chair is for high ranking executives. It is designed to match the class and style of office of any high ranking executive. This is one of the best luxury office chairs. It has black colored luxurious top grain leather on the cushions fitted on the natural cherry colored wooden frame enthuse formality, power, authority, respect and command.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • The parts used in this chair are high quality materials which makes this chair highly durable
  • The back and the seat are fitted with sinuous steel springs which give comfortable support for extended hours.
  • To prevent accidental bumping and hence damage to the walls, it has a protective vinyl bumper on the rear.
  • The base is made of Steel having hardwood caps. While Steel gives the strength and durability, hardwood adds to the looks and style.

The below office chairs are priced below $2000

HumanScale Freedom Leather F213 Office Chair, Price $1949.00

This office chair is made for those individuals who spend long hours at their desks without taking any breaks. Such group of people includes executives, managers and secretaries. These people are always so busy that they don’t have time to move around. Sitting for long house automatically and unknowingly affects their posture which leads to hosts of physical problems. The idea chair for them should have in-built mechanisms to not let bad posture happen. HumanScale Freedom Leather F213 provides such innovative features.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • Recliners of this chair are weight sensitive, the arm rests are synchronously adjustable, and the headrest (which many other office chairs don’t have) is dynamically positioned. All these combined provide support and comfort to the person.
  • These chairs don’t have any controls. Once they are fitted they remain within those settings. The idea is to encourage frequent posture changes and hence this chair doesn’t have tension springs and other similar mechanism. Rather it relies on absence of such resistant mechanisms to allow free movements, and it has the required mechanism to give the best possible support irrespective of the body position.
  • The headrest is position sensitive. When the person leans backwards, it automatically comes forward to gently support and cradle the head and neck. While when the person sits upright, it goes away automatically.
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Steelcase Leap Plus Office Chair, Price $1848.00

The Leap Plus office chair provides the same benefits as the Leap series of chairs. These are designed after four years of extensive research about the best and the healthiest ways to sit. The Leap and Leap Plus chairs are general purpose chair which anyone in office can use. They can also be put in conference or discussion rooms to support active and energetic meetings and presentations.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • The Leap Plus office chair supports 500 Pounds weight. It has been thoroughly tested to verify that even at 500 Pounds the same benefits are delivered with the same level of strength.
  • This is the first chair to have a unique technology called as Live Back technology. The Live Back technology allows the chair to change shape to mimic and support the movement and the curvature of the spine ensuring that the full range of spine, right from Lumbar till behind the back, is well supported at all times..
  • The arm rests of this chair can move in and out, forward and back, pivot, and adjust up and down. This ensures that you can always adjust them to support your arms and shoulders perfectly.


Haworth X99 Office Chair, Price $1769.00

The Haworth X99 office chair is based on European design. It offers excellent comfort. This chair can recline deep and it has a 3-point tilt mechanism. X99 integrates easily in any type of office design and décor and its welcoming looks always provides good support to the person sitting in it.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • It has been designed by ITO in Germany with only one goal, which is to provide support without any limits and restrictions. This is exactly what the chair does. So it can be rightly called as your partner rather than office furniture.
  • Even the simplest features of this chair are designed for comfort. For example, it has waterfall front edge design which ensures proper support to your thighs and knees, and it also ensures proper blood circulation in the legs so that you don’t get pain and tiredness.
  • The back of this chair is soft and breathable mesh which promotes comfortable working posture. You can adjust the amount of tension that it should office when you recline way until 24 degrees. This allows pressure to be relived on the tailbone and lower back.
  • This chair has all the required adjustment options to make it suitable for all kinds of people – short, average and tall.


Herman Miller Embody Office Chair, Price $1749.00

Herman is one of the most prestigious names in the world of office chairs. One of their most successful lines of chair is Embody series. This series comes in 16 different sober colors allowing you to pick the right color that goes along with your office décor. The Embody chair is designed to reduce pressures at different parts of the body when sitting. It thereby stimulates blood and Oxygen flow leading to the person being active and energetic. The back is designed to provide same support irrespective of your position.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • This chair is highly advanced and affects the body in such as way that it lowers the heart rate and reduces stress. It tricks you and gives a feeling as if you are floating and this feeling keeps you alert at all times.
  • Because it supports and encourages blood and Oxygen flow, it can help you be more creative and productive at work.
  • It has a unique technology called as BackFit. This technology moves the back of the chair inline with the natural curve of the spine. This gives maximum support to the spine and helps maintain a proper healthy posture.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair, Price $1542.00

This office chair is the winner of the 2013 NeoCon Gold Award. This beautiful chair comes in 27 amazing colors, each equally attractive than the other. It also comes in three different varieties for height, making the total assortment as astounding 81 chairs. With these many chairs to choose from there is a very high chance that you will find the chair that will be perfect for you in terms of look and feel and also the seating comfort. As the name suggests, Gesture chairs by Steelcase is inspired and perfected by studying the natural way in which people work, move and sit. Because each individual is different from the other, these chairs have been equipped with the right adaptable technologies to suit the natural body needs of all individuals.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • The back support of this chair moves together along-with the person ensuring that the person is nicely supported at all times.
  • The arm supports of this incredible chair move exactly like human arms move. This means that they would be always in-line with the natural movements of your arms, always under your arms, providing them the cushioned support.
  • The seat of this chair is designed such that it provides good support right until its edge. This ensures that the person sitting in this chair will be supported at all times irrespective of this position.



Following office chairs are those which are priced below $2000.

Crossford Furniture Synchro-Tilt Office Chair, Price $1399.00

The Synchro-Tilt Office Chair by Crossford Furniture is a sleek and stylish looking office chair. It has been designed specifically for executives and managers who need to be sharp and mentally active at all times despite the high pressure and stress. Such people cannot afford to be uncomfortable or waste their time fighting with the seat to get a good seating position. In addition to being functionally perfect, this chair is also elegant and classy looking and so it nicely blends into any office décor.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • It is a highly adjustable chair with adjustments possible in all the aspects that matter for a personalized yet comfortable seating position.
  • While other chairs are made of solid fabric or leather, this chair is made of mesh material which allows free movement of fresh air, keeping you cool and preventing hot spots and sweating. This helps in keeping you fresh at all times.
  • The height of the back of this chair is adjustable which can be customized to fit the body of any individual
  • The arm rests are adjustable in multiple directions, which help to get them to the perfect position.
  • Once you have done all the adjustments which are perfect for you, you just have to lock it and those adjustments will remain as it is until you unlock and change them again.



Lazzaro Clinton Office Chair, Price $1375.00

This is the ideal chair for the bosses. This wide chair, with high back, embodies power, authority and control. It comes in two colors: Saddle and Black/Tan. This chair doesn’t blend-in with the office room décor; rather it becomes the center of the décor.

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Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • Except for the metal casters, everything else is covered fully in premium quality, 100 percent hand rubbed leather.
  • The frame of this magnificent chair is made up of Birch which is held in position with corner blocks.
  • The seating of this chair consists of durable metal springs supported by Pirelli and decron wrapping for maximum and consistent comfort.


Leathercraft 7353 Executive Office Chair, Price $1337.46

This is a wonderful looking chair which is moderately scaled so that it fits in restricted spaces such as in townhomes and condominiums. The arm rest in this chair is also lowered so that it can fit under cabinetry. This beautiful stuffy chair comes in seven great looking colors. The brass and leather combination used in this chair looks classy.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • Its swivel and tilt mechanism is made of solid steel.
  • This chair has 5 star base with casters hooded with brass which gives it a great look and also makes the chair very stable.
  • The seat construction of this chair is 8 way and hand tied.
  • The nail trims of this chair are made of solid brass.



Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair, Price $1275.00

Aeron is another hit model from Herman Miller. As with all Herman Miller chairs, this is also designed for comfort and support for the person using it. It comes in three sizes and several colors. Moreover this chair has choice of caster colors from among two colors. Totally it presents a good assortment of chairs to choose from. Aeron office chair from Herman Miller is a highly adjustable chair in which the person can adjust all the parts to meet his unique and personal needs and requirements of comfort and support. There is no other chair which can relieve the back and shoulder pain, which are due to bad posture, as much as the Aeron model.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • Herman Miller uses its patented material in this chair. This material is designed to spread the weight evenly over a wide area.
  • This chair uses mesh material and not the usual fabric. The special mesh material used by Herman Miller in this chair doesn’t look and work like other similar chairs
  • It is the most comfortable chair in the whole world.



Fjords 215 Office Chair, Price $1245.00

This is a muldal recliner made of pure Fjords leather which makes it one of the luxury office chairs. This recliner is perfectly suited for the offices of CXOs. Sitting in a corner this recliner will stimulate relaxation thereby helping in making the CXO work more effectively for the complex decisions which he faces every day in office.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • This chair is an integrated system which provides good support for neck.
  • With a single flick you can optimize your sitting experience, preventing your legs and back from getting tired, and if they are tired, then gently soothing them to relieve their stress.
  • It is made of cast molded cure foam. This type of foam is last longer than other varieties. It also retains suppleness longer.
  • The base of this chair is made of laminated wood which comes in five colors to match your style


HumanScale Freedom Task F211 Office Chair, Price $1245.00

This chair comes in 38 colors and 2 types making the totally 76 possible selections to match your style and preference. This chair has innovative technologies which ensure the right support and comfort irrespective of the position of the person sitting in it. This chair has won 10 awards so far which is a testament of what this chair is made of. The awards include design distinction award in the ID design competition in 2000. So we can confidently say that this chair is a combination of award winning world class design, and award winning state of the art technologies which gives you the best comfort.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • This chair is eco friendly. It is made of 62% recycled materials, and this chair is 90% recyclable. There is no other chair which is this much eco friendly. Not only this, this chair ships in packaging made of 85% recyclable materials. It can also be blanket wrapped whenever feasible. This chair is Greenguard certified.
  • This chair is made of 132 parts, while other similar chairs are made of 250 parts.
  • The parts of this chair move in unison to follow the movements and weight of the body to provide the right resistance and support right from the head, then back and lower back, thighs and arms. Its technology is such that it doesn’t require any springs or tension wires to provide support.


Via Seating Carmel Series Office Chair, Price $1144.52

This chair comes in 6 cool colors. These colors make this chair as one of the cool office chairs. It can support up to 300 pounds weight. The size and weight of this chair makes it perfect for office as well as one of the best home office chairs.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • The material used in this chair is ultra fabrics Brisa Faux leather.
  • It can be assembled quickly in three simple to follow steps.
  • The control of its knee tilt is at a single position.



Haworth Zody Task Advanced Office Chair, Price $1119.00

This advanced model from Haworth Zody comes in 25 different shades. This chair is a perfect blend of science and art, science is the aspect of comfort and resulting wellness, and art is about the aesthetics and look and feel. This unique combination, and years of research and development at Zody has resulted in worlds only asymmetrical lumbar adjustments which can provide different support to different parts of the lower back as required by the user.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • American physical therapy association has endorsed only this chair for scientific comfort.
  • Individual controls are clearly marked and are perfectly within the reach.
  • This chair is designed to be suitable for 95% of the people on the planet.


Herman Miller Mirra 2 Office Chair, Price $1089.00

Mirra 2 is yet another world famous office chair from Herman Miller. Like with other Herman Miller office chairs, this model is also fitted with unique technologies and features.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • It has tilt limiter and forward seat angle.
  • The back of this chair is Butterfly suspension.
  • The lumbar support of this chair perfectly adjustable.


Steelcase Leap Desk Office Chair, Price $1086.00

The Leap model from Steelcase is the best ergonomic chair from Steelcase. After the amazing success of this model, they even came up with the next version of the same chair which was named as Leap 2. If you want to buy good office chair, then you can always look at this chair.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • It has ‘Live Back technology’. This technology makes the back of the chair move naturally with the movement of the person, thereby ensuring good support always.
  • It has ‘Recline to PROZero’ feature. With this feature the user can experience large number of recline positions and positions with elevated legs.
  • Arm rests are completely adjustable to match the natural position of the arm of the person sitting in the chair, thereby providing the best and natural support for arms and shoulder.
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And finally here are the most economical office chairs which are priced below $1000. Economical doesn’t mean that they are less than any other chairs.


Humanscale Diffrient Smart Office Chair, Price $999.00

This Diffrient office chairs from Humanscale comes in six colors and two types. Humanscale brands this chair as ‘Smart’ chair due to various technologies which are deployed in this chair. This is the most comfortable office chair.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • Thanks to the intelligent counter balance, recliners of this chair adjusts automatically irrespective of the size and weight of the person, and provides the right support for all movements of the person.
  • The backrest has extra motion to allow it to adjust to the different needs of spine in different positions.
  • The mesh is made of tri-panel and non-stretchable material which adjusts to the shape of the body thereby providing lumbar support at all times.


Spinalglide Executive Glider TS Office Chair, Price $969.00

The Executive Glider TS Office Chair from Spinalglide is the first office chair which is built for mobility in mind. All the features and design is geared towards only mobility.


Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • It has spilt-seat technology which prevents lower back pain by enabling tail bone to float freely.
  • The Thorasic backrest offers amazing lumbar support which prevents repetitive stress injuries to the lower back.
  • The split-seat also has spring support which allows free movement of the pelvic bone. This helps in free blood flow and results in user being able to sit for extended period of time without feeling stressed.


Nightingale 6200D CXO Office Chair, Price $945.00

As the name suggests, the 6200D from Nightingale is for none less than CXOs.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • This chair is special Moguls number 2199 grade 3 Onyx black color.
  • It is made of patented flexible mesh which is named as Ablex. Ablex is designed to provide excellent support to the body.
  • The lumbar support of this chair is adjustable in height as well as depth.


HON HVL552 Mid-Back Office Chair, Price $918.99

The office chairs from HON are always perfect for office desk or computer desk.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • The back is made of mesh material which is breathable and comfortable.
  • The seat height adjustment is pneumatic which takes little to no effort to increase the seat height.
  • The tilt mechanism is 2-to-1 which gives recline and ensures that your feet don’t leave the floor.


Nefil Nefil-1 Office Chair, Price $890.00

Nefil has always been at the forefront of seating design and ergonomics and offering the combination at an affordable price points. Nefil-1 is the first model from this company.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • Nefil-1 continuously adapts to the body movements ensuring good support to the person sitting in it.
  • This chair has push buttons to control the adjustments manually easily.
  • The arm rest is 4D adjustable.


Steelcase Concord 3D Knit Think Office Chair, Price $859.00

This is one the cool office chairs. It comes in 8 slightly bright colors. There will definitely be a color which will suit your office and also go along with your personality. This chair is winner of Red Dot Award 2014fluy, Good Design Award 2014 and Product Design Award 2014.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • It appears as if this chair has mind of its own, as it adjusts to the movements of the users, supporting them all the time appropriately and helping them perform at their best.
  • This chair has platinum base and frame which offers great strength and durability.
  • It has ‘live back’ system which is integrated together with flexors and adjustable lumbar support.


Hermann Miller Mirra Office Chair, Price $839.00

This is economical chair from Hermann Miller.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • The central spine construction of this chair supports the frameless back which in turn offers perfect support to the upper back of the person sitting in it.
  • It is 96% recyclable and this chair is Greenguard certified.
  • The suspension is breathable which keeps the person cool and comfortable at all times and avoids hot spots.



Hon Basyx VL705 Office Chair, Price $817.99

VL705 is a series of big and tall chairs from Hon under Basyx category. These chairs are built to work flawlessly, without any performance degradation, for people up to 450 pounds.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • The lumbar support of chairs belonging to VL705 series is adjustable, hence these chairs offer fantastic support to the lower back thereby helping in preventing the lower back pain.
  • It has a 5 star base and each leg has caster for easy mobility. The casters are long lasting and durable.
  • This chair has facilities to adjust height, width and arms.


SPACE Seating Office Chair, Price $753.50

This office chair from Space seating comes in three types which are padded seat (this chair), Mesh seat and Leather seat. This chair is among the best home office chairs.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • This chair comes with pneumatic control for height adjustment which can be operated by a single touch.
  • The arm rests are covered with soft PU materials and they are adjustable for height.
  • The base is designed to be rough and touch with oversized casters. This gives this chair long life especially for the base and casters.


Haworth Zody Basic Office Chair, Price $749.00

The Zody basic office chair from Haworth comes in 2 color combinations namely full black, and black and silver (this chair).

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • Like all Zody chairs, this chair is designed to accommodate problems faced by 95% of the world’s population when using chairs in office.
  • All the controls in this chair are clearly marked and are easily accessible.
  • It is designed to be flexible to accommodate various requirements such as from a normal office desk, to meeting or conference rooms, to CEO’s office.


La-Z-Boy® Contract Horizon Office Chair, Price $699.99

The Contract Horizon is a collection of office chairs which is targeted towards men and women of power. Even though very economical, these chairs are full of authority and control. Mere sight of these chairs brings respect.

Few points which make this chair unique are:

  • The parts used in this chair are high quality materials which makes this chair highly durable
  • The back and the seat are fitted with sinuous steel springs which give comfortable support for extended hours.
  • To prevent accidental bumping and hence damage to the walls, it has a protective vinyl bumper on the rear.
  • The base is made of Steel having hardwood caps. While Steel gives the strength and durability, hardwood adds to the looks and style.


With this we have seen so many different types of office chairs, some are big, some are slender, some are fixed, some other moves with the movement of the body, some are very expensive, while some other are relatively cheaper and so on.

Having reviewed such a rich variety of office chairs we are sure that you would have found your most comfortable office chair in the above list which is among the top office chairs.

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