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Top 10 Global LED TV Brands When You Want the Best in Entertainment

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The idea of a standard form of entertainment undeniably revolves around LED TVs nowadays. If you are planning to buy an LED TV among all the wide gamut of options available in the market, make sure that you are aware of all the important aspects of an LED TV to get the best value for your money.

There are a number of television brands that sell LED TVs, and each has their own unique features. LED TVs have gained a major popularity all over the world and the companies are infusing them with the best of features to attract customers.

Here, we’ve listed the Top 10 LED TV Brands in the world and different types of LED TVs available in the market to help you make an informed decision.


  1. VIZIO

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Founded by William Wang in the year 2002, Vizio is one of the most famous TV brands in US. However, the brand has not been able to keep up with the pace at which other brands are moving, and stands at the 10 spot in this list of Top 10 LED TV brands.

While the company is working to spread itself outside USA, it faces tough competition from other global brands, like Samsung and Sony. While the growth story of Vizio is pretty impressive, and the brand has been able to become one of the most famous TV brand in US within a short span of time, it still has a long way to go to become a major global player. Affordability and wide-range of entry-level LED models are two of the reasons for its popularity in US.

If you are looking for an impressive entry-level model, you can go for D Series and E-Series of 65” LEDs from Vizio, and if you are looking for a high-end model, its Reference and SmartCast series has some pretty amazing models.


  • Large number of affordable LED TV options
  • Picture quality of entry-level models is impressive
  • Online support is good
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  • LEDs are not innovative, and have features that are commonly found in LEDs from other manufacturers
  • No global presence


  1. Sharp

    Sharp logo

Established in the year 1912, Sharp Electronics is one of the largest electronics corporations, which is headquartered in Abeno-Ku, Japan. Sharp sells television sets under the brand name Aquos. The brand is famous for its large display panels which are very commonly used in commercial settings. The LEDs from Sharp are known for their sharp color, LED backlighting and impressive contrast.

However, many LEDs from the brand are negatively reviewed for their viewing angle problem. A number of buyers have suggested that the color and contrast in LED TVs from Sharp suffers even when they are off by 20-30 degrees. However, the company has tried to minimize this problem in its latest models.

Moreover, the company has heavily invested in its LED panels and has around 10 manufacturing units all over the world. LC-32LE350M (White), LC-40LE355M and LC-32LE355M are some of the most positively reviewed LED TV models from the brand.


  • Wide range of large LED panels
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Latest models have innovative features
  • Online customer support is quick and helpful


  • Many models have problems with respect to the viewing angle

philips logo


Philips, the Dutch company is one of the most trusted electronics brand all over the world. The company was founded in the year 1891 in Eindhoven by Gerard Philips. The primary divisions of the company are focused in Healthcare, Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle and they have an employee base of more than 120,000 across 65 countries.

The company is known for its innovativeness and some of the features in their latest LED models include Full HD, HD Natural Motion Facility, Pixel Precise HD, and Dynamic Contrast. Some of the best LEDs from the brand can be found in their latest Designline 4000 Series and 5000 Series.

While the company is known for its solid line of LEDs, their products are expensive and most of the features in their LEDs can be easily found in cheaper LEDs manufactured by other brands. Also, a lot of consumers have also complained that the company doesn’t have service centers in a lot of countries.


  • Some models have highly innovative features
  • Picture quality is much better than LEDs from other manufacturers in the same price range


  • Expensive
  • No service centers in a lot of countries


  1. Panasonic

panasonic logo

While Panasonic is the 4th largest producer of televisions globally, poor customer service and basic set of features are two of the reasons due to which the company stands at the 7th spot in this ranking of TV brands.

Panasonic was established in the year 1918 in Japan, and is well-known for its premium-quality plasmas. However, the company has officially announced that they will no longer focus on plasma televisions, and will rather improve their market share in LED, OLED and 4K televisions. While the initial LED models were not highly impressive, the latest models from the brand are at par with some of the best LEDs manufactured by other brands.

Panasonic also has a range of smart TVs, known as Smart Viera. These LEDs have built-in Wi-Fi module to connect with your wireless internet network. The latest models in this Smart Viera series allow you to browse internet and come with a variety of apps, like Twitter, YouTube and Skype. Moreover, a lot of LEDs in this series are compatible with 3D videos as well. While some of them have passive 3D, majority of them have active 3D.

While it manufactures some of the best LED TVs, its customer support is the reason that holds the brand back. While you can reach Panasonic’s customer service department through phone, email and online, none of the methods provided helpful results to a lot of consumers. Apart from this, Panasonic is still a brand worth considering if you are planning to buy an LED TV.


  • Latest models have innovative set of features
  • LEDs are cheaper than other brands
  • Wide range of Smart TVs and 3D models


  • Most of the models have basic set of features
  • Customer service is highly unimpressive

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  1. Toshiba

toshiba logo

Toshiba Corporation was founded in the year 1939 in Japan, and was originally named as Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K. With more than 200,000 employees, the company is one of the top TV manufacturers in the world.

Toshiba was first to introduce LED backlit LCD TVs with 3D compatibility which allowed consumers to view 3D movies and videos without needing 3D glasses in the year 2010. This brought instant recognition to the brand which was not doing so good with its previous LCD models. Even the latest releases from the brand are highly impressive, and at par with some of the best of models from other best LED TV brands in the world.

Even the customer service and warranty offered by Toshiba is pretty impressive. However, a lot of consumers have complained that the picture quality of some of the LED models from Toshiba is not very good, especially when compared to the picture quality of LEDs from other brands in the same price range.  The brand has pretty amazing entry models, like 50L2400U and 32P2400ZE.


  • Some of the high-end models are highly innovative
  • Good customer service and warranty
  • Wide-range of models at every price range


  • Picture quality in some models is not very impressive


  1. TCL

tcl logo

Founded in the year 1981 in China by Tomseng Li Dongsheng, TCL stands at the 5th spot in this best TV brands 2016 list. The company is known to have a market share of about 5.5%. Apart from television, the company manufactures a variety of other electronic products and has divided its operation in 4 categories- Communications, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics and Multimedia.

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