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The Absolutely-Must Have Laptop Accessories to buy in 2017


Here’s our list of the perfect laptop companions, which will make your life considerably easier.


In today’s world, though the popularity of smartphone/hand held devices is growing considerably, laptops still remain an important and necessary item of use which plays a vital role in our everyday lives. They suffice every single need of the day right from doing work, to surfing the internet, to playing games, watching TV and lots more thus increasing human efficiency and resulting in optimum utilization of time and energy.

Laptops even though smaller in size, function much like desktops and provides you the best of both worlds with maximum portability like that of a mini-notebook and larger memory size like a desktop. Laptops can be found in every nook and corner of the world be it in the field of education, sports, medicine, entertainment or cooking, bringing the world together on the path of success. If you are a person looking for a full keyboard, a portable writing surface and an all-day long battery life, Laptops are your best bet.

But whatever brand of laptop you may own, even the best of the lot cannot benefit without the accessories. Accessories for laptop will protect your device; enhance your productivity, besides making the laptop look cooler.

Regardless of whether the laptop is being used for business, gaming or personal use, we have a list of best laptop accessories that one should have that makes the gadget easier to use, safer and all –round better thus completing the package.

Laptop Case / Bag:

First and foremost, for safe computing, a laptop bag/ skin/ case/ sleeve are a must have Laptop accessories which provides protection from drops, impacts or scratches and without which one cannot think of travelling worldwide with the fear of the laptop being exposed to various elements. This simple item protects you a lot while travelling and saving from bumpy rides.

Laptop bags come in different shape and sizes with the most desired ones being in the form of usual backpacks or messenger bags. Sleeves are relatively thin and flexible, and most commonly made of neoprene, while the sturdier ones are made of low-resilience polyurethane. There are some laptop sleeves which are wrapped in ballistic nylon to provide some degree of waterproofing. Bulkier and sturdier cases can be made of metal with polyurethane padding inside, and may have locks, for added security.

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The most important consideration while choosing a case/ bag is whether it can hold the laptop as well the other goodies that go with it like cameras, chargers, wireless mic etc. The same should smoothly combine the storage options and safety features in an appealing design. Besides an attractive design with extra pockets it should safely hold the laptop while carrying and should also be shock absorbent. There are a many brands and options available for the same.

Evecase 13 is a 13.3-Inch Notebook Chromebook Laptop Ultrabook Suit Fabric made of bubble neoprene interior to safely pack the laptop and its accessories. Another option is the Swiss Gear Scan Smart bag pack which is not just comfortable to carry but also check- point friendly as it helps to speed through airport security.

Moshi Codex Designer Lightweight Shell case is another cool laptop accessories which is not just a protective case but also a multi-use bag great for the days when one needs to work on a run. The interior of this case has around 4 rubber feet to keep the laptop protected from scratches and slipping around. It is available in different sizes to adjust a 13 inch or 15 inch MacBook Pro or Windows laptops with similar dimensions.


A Real USB or Wireless Mouse

USB Mouse

Another vital laptop accessory is a real USB mouse which will make the computing much easier and feasible besides having the option of packing it inside when not required. Using a mouse is a solid option for compiling reports, doing office work and a serves as a cool laptop accessories for gamers after a long day of work. For gamers, it gives total freedom of movement and the battery life also lasts from 25 to 50 hours.

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Most laptop touchpads are not a comfortable option for longer periods of use thus making a wireless mouse a must have laptop accessory. Diminutive Logitech Wireless Mouse is comfortable, easy to carry and accurate to use as a main mouse.

The Etekcity Scroll S200 High Precision Wired USB Optical gaming mouse is a one of the really cool laptop accessories and works well with Windows, Linux and Mac.

The Microsoft wireless mobile mouse guarantees comfort and allows you to operate the laptop from a distance suitable to you. Its special features include an incredible battery life, a solid and portable design, Blue Track technology and a nano transceiver with a stunning transfer rate.

After a wireless mouse, a mouse pad is also recommended. Though the gamers might resort to it, but it gives joy to see your precision pointer escalate to upper levels.

A Cat5 Ethernet Cable

Cat5 Ethernet Cable

It is very important to be equipped with the right cable every time or else the built-in Ethernet port won’t be of any use without a cable.

The Global Wireless retractable Ethernet cable is a good choice which takes up very little space in the bag. (Buy it from Amazon)


A standard Telephone cable

Telephone cable

If there is no standard cable to get the laptop to the phone jack, then the gadget is of no use.

You can get this from Amazon.


USB Drive


Almost 13 years after its evolution, we are in an era where these tiny, devices can store even 1TB of data. A relatively smaller storage device, the size of a thumb, it plugs into the USB port and enables easy and quickly transferring of files from one computer to another. USB drives generally under 100MB are a great back up medium for all important data that needs to be kept safe and secure.

For sharing PowerPoint presentations with the team or project materials collected from different sources and for numerous other storage uses, the USB flash drive serve as a cheap and great accessory. It is perfect for carrying music, whether you need it for your laptop or want to attach it to your car stereo.

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A 16GBor 32 GB USB Flash Drive available for $20 to $50 at Amazon, is a good choice.


Stereo Headset

Stereo Headset

Buy Affordable Stereo Headset on Amazon

Laptop headphones are the most viable solution which allows you to watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite songs at any place, without disturbing anyone. A decent pair of inexpensive earphones that boosts the audio quality will catch the eye of one and all. Without any questions, it is a must have accessory for any laptop user. Not just for listening music, it also allows you to voice chat with people across the globe.

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Me Electronics’s Atlas Orion set of earphones are high end digital audio player specially designed for tablets and smartphones, coming with a reasonable price and a classy elegant style with exclusive blue lining and silver look.

Though it is slightly more angular it comes with various attachments like a detachable cord, universal volume control and foldable ear cups.


Security Device

Keeping in tune with the security, especially if you are travelling, a cable lock becomes a necessity. The laptop security device comes in many different shapes and sizes like a security dock that attaches the laptop to some stationary object like a cable.

The Kensington Combo saver Portable Notebook Computer Lock available for $29.00 allows you to set your own combination and also has a self -coiling cable for easy portability.


Disposable Cleansing Cloths

Disposable Cleansing Cloths

To protect the screen display from getting dusty or smudgy a laptop cleaning kit is a must have laptop accessories as it is specifically designed for laptop displays. One should avoid using paper towels and spray cleaners. A clean and clear screen is easily readable besides being important for the eyes.

A Tech Armor Complete Cleaning Kit, available for $9.95 is wise choice as it contains pre-moistened cleaning wipes, screen cleaner gel, 2 large size microfiber cloths and a travelling cleaner. The cleaning items packed inside can be used to clean not only your laptop but other gadgets as well.

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