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15 Best Headphones under $30 which promise Amazing Sound Experience!

You have to always know a headphone well before buying it. It is as good as finding the right accessory for your clothing. Since just one flaw can ruin the entire mood, be it music or a look that you have planned.

You might even have to throw a fortune away if you spend on headphones without researching well. There are always some essential features to be checked prior to buying that model you love so much, besides its funky design and pleasing color.

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Other major aspects that you need to consider are:

  • Cost effectiveness of the quality
  • Sound Isolation
  • Special Features
  • Frequency Range
  • Impedance

Once you have weighed all the pros and cons of the headphone that catches your eye, you can go ahead with the purchase.

To make things easier for you, here is a list of 15 great headphones under 30 dollars we have compiled for you. Have a look!


  1. Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones (Black), Cost: $23.95

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones (Black)BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Sennheiser has always been a very popular brand associated with great and high quality stereo output. This model in particular is one the most popular and bestselling models of the brand.
Main Features

  • Comes with a closed over-ear fit
  • The total harmonic distortion (THD) for the headphones is: <0.5%, Frequency Range : 18Hz - 18kHz and Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Jack plug is 3.5/6.3 mm stereo
  • Detachable ear cups for pro users
  • Equipped with 10 foot Y style cable, and wind-up belt clip for excess cable



  • The sound quality is excellent given the price
  • The lengthy cable comes as a savior for those of us who fiddle a lot while hearing music, and have problems with shorter wires
  • Pleasantly spacious and airy
  • One of the most ideal headphones for DJs and audio programmers
  • The speakers have a great, clean and deep bass response



  • At a higher volume, the voice begins to scream and leak
  • Occasional one note high in the sound has been observed
  • The 10-ft cable is a huge hindrance to use outside your home or office


  1. Sound Intone I65 Headphones with Microphone , Cost: $19.89

Sound Intone I65 Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control, Lightweight Foldable Headset for iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus, iPad/iPod, Android Device MP3/4 (Black/gold) , BUY NOW ON AMAZON


Sound Intone brand presents a great looking, sleek pair of headphones that can be used by all music lovers for all basic listening functions.

Main Features:

  • These headphones help you control your music and comes with inline volume control/ Mic/ Remote
  • Deep and powerful sound makes the music you love all the more attractive
  • Significant noise reduction for travel, work, study and anywhere in between
  • Lightweight, comfortable on-the-ear design for portability as well as long-wear comfort
  • Extremely versatile and works with smartphones, tablets, computers, MP3 and other devices. Also covered under 6-months warranty.


  • The headphones have microphones so they can be used for phone calls. This feature is one of the best in these headphones, as sound can be heard clearly on both sides
  • Good feature of noise reduction for outdoors
  • The ear pads are well padded and sit comfortably
  • Really great looking and compact headphones
  • A great budget buy for the price, sound quality and specifications
  • Extremely versatile with folding speakers functions


  • Sound isolation is low
  • The band across the top of the head is plastic and is in sections, so it catches the hair if bent too far
  • Lacks ability to deal with different music genres


  1. Amazon Basics Lightweight On-Ear Headphones – Black, Cost: $14.99

Amazon Basics Lightweight On-Ear Headphones – BlackBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Amazon Basics brand is the native in-house brand of Amazon, the retail giant. This budget model of the brand is very popular with the listeners. It is aimed for regular listening as well as a special audio mastering or engineering.


Main Features:

  • On-ear fit to minimize noise, so that you can hear every beat
  • Designed with portability and storage in mind; the headphones rotate in to lay flat
  • 101 decibels (dB) and 1000mW maximum input level
  • Frequency range of 12 Hz-22,000 Hz for great sound reproduction
  • 47.25-inch (1.2 meter) cord with L-shaped stereo mini plug to connect to your phone, MP3 player, or computer



  • Deep and loud sound
  • The earphones are very refined and you might even feel the bass strings vibrations
  • Clarity of the mid and high frequencies is equally impressive
  • A great value proposition for looks and quality



  • Could be tight on the head for some users
  • The cord isn’t replaceable like they are on other headphones
  • The “on ear” feature could make it uncomfortable for wearing for a long time


  1. Panasonic On-Ear Stereo Headphones RP-HT21 (Black & Silver) Lightweight and Comfortable, Powerful Bass, Audiophile , Cost: $8.88

Panasonic On-Ear Stereo Headphones RP-HT21 (Black & Silver) Lightweight and Comfortable, Powerful Bass, AudiophileBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Panasonic RP-HT21 headphones are actually basic headphones that provide great looks, durability and comfort at a very reasonable cost.


Main Features:

  • This lightweight model comes with an open-air design on-ear headphones and weighs just 1.2 oz. (without cable)
  • Comfort-fit with a wide headband and foam-cushioned ear cups for great listening comfort
  • Powerful bass with large diameter 30mm driver units
  • 30mm neodymium drivers deliver rich bass and natural treble



  • One of the cheapest headphones in the market for the quality and the specs
  • It meets your quality standards besides being extremely portable
  • Very comfortable and sturdily built
  • Good bass range along with a solid upper pitch range
  • No amp required
  • Due to the nominal cost, they are easily replaceable
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  • For those who listen at “earthquake-causing” decibels, this may be a disappointment
  • No travel case is provided with the gadget
  • There is no great design improvement in the headphone
  • Headphone folding design is missing


  1. Monoprice Hi-Fi Light Weight Acoustic Pro Studio, Cost - $27.85

Monoprice Hi-Fi Light Weight Acoustic Pro StudioBUY NOW ON AMAZON

As one of the best basic design quality headphones, these headphones are great for sound and comfort at budget prices.


Main Features

  • Designed for listening with maximum comfort and stability, these headphones come with 50 mm drivers and provide a rich, full frequency response with 102 Db. sensitivity
  • Extremely compatible with most audio devices such as iPad, iPod, Android etc.
  • Comfortable and lightweight around-the-ear fit that is easy to wear through the day
  • Comes with a y-type tangle free cord of 47 inch (1.2)m
  • Uses a 40mbm full range driver with a published frequency of 20/hz to 20 KHz
  • The impedance is 32ohms with a recommended input power of 20mW to 50mW



  • They come with a great deep voice and excellent bass function
  • The headphones look great and are built sturdily for everyday use
  • They are small, lightweight and collapsible, thus helping the portability and storage
  • Comfortable leather ear pads and snug headband for versatility
  • Really great sound isolation function
  • It also comes with a removable 4 feet long cable that is equipped with control for play/pause, back and forward. The cord therefore can be removed or replaced easily



  • The looks could have been a tad better. These face stiff completion in the market from other brands that comes in various color combinations
  • The ear cup sizes may be a bit small for some
  • There are some issues with the high notes that sometimes just roll off


  1. Darkiron N8 Headset with In line Mic and Volume Control for Smartphones & Tablets - Black / Red, Cost: $19.89

Darkiron N8 Headset with In line Mic and Volume Control for Smartphones & Tablets - Black / RedBUY NOW ON AMAZON

These Darkiron headsets provide great sound quality with attractive looks and superior noise cancellation technology.


Main Features:

  • Adjustable headband and extremely lightweight for comfortable and secure fit
  • Hi-Fi speakers and noise cancellation technology are other benefits
  • Driver diameter is of 50mm, with excellent sound quality and strong low bass
  • Comes with 3.5mm plug and 6 feet cord, frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, and sensitivity of 52dB+/-3dB
  • These headphones are compatible with most music devices like MP3, MP4, PC, PCD, DVD, and most smartphones
  • The head-pad and ear-pad of the headphones come covered in Soft PU leather cushion that are perfect for noise-isolation



  • These headphones apart from flaunting great looks, are also very light and very comfortable
  • They provide Impressive sound quality with in-line controls and microphone
  • Provides for minimal sound leakage along with good noise isolation



  • Non-removable headphone jack
  • Mute button initially is sticky
  • Plastic may not be hard-wearing over time
  • The long wire creates a lot of mess and might snag at everything


  1. Ailihen I35 Stereo Lightweight Foldable Headphones, Cost: $19.98

Ailihen I35 Stereo Lightweight Foldable Headphones Adjustable Headband HeadsetsBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Ailihen is a great brand of products that provide efficient headphones in vibrant colors but at an affordable price. They are wonderful combinations of fun and functionality, and are among the best headphones under 30 dollars in the market.


Main Features:

  • Folding headphone design  makes it very easy and portable for various applications
  • The Folding Part has been tested for over 20000 Times
  • These headphones also allow for HD voice calls with its 360 Degree Pickup Microphone
  • This model is compatible with All Android Phones, IOS, Win phone and Blackberry System Phones. End/answer Phone Calls, pause/play Music, support with switch of previous/next songs are other features included.
  • Long term wear of this headphone is safe owing to the Protein Genuine Leather Earmuff.



  • Excellent Noise-cancelling capabilities
  • Easy controls and vey ergonomically designed
  • Great portability and sturdy design



  • Some users have complained about the pressure on the ears after wearing this headphone for a long time


  1. Sony MDRZX100 ZX Series Stereo Headphones (Black), Cost: $19.40

Sony MDRZX100 ZX Series Stereo Headphones (Black)BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Sony has been leading innovation in sound through the ages and continues to do so. This particular model of Sony is targeted towards the youth for more generic applications and regular use.


Main Features:

  • 30mm multi-layer film diaphragms create powerful sound
  • High energy drivers deliver powerful bass & clear treble
  • Lightweight and adjustable ABS housing for rugged durability
  • Pressure-relieving ear pads for long-wear comfort
  • A rugged Y-type design makes for a tangle-free experience



  • Pivoting ear cups adjust to nearly any head shape
  • Delivers equalized sound, is lightweight, and folds flat for easy storage
  • Very stylish and built durably
  • Great noise cancellation and blocks out almost all ambient noise
  • Delivers a very good sound and great bass at great price



  • Intricate musical pieces can become muddy sounding after a while
  • Headband can feel somewhat tight after wearing the device for long periods of time
  • Misses the mark for Sony quality
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  1. Sony MDRZX300/BLK Stereo Headphones, Cost-$ 19.99

Sony MDRZX300/BLK Stereo HeadphonesBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Sony delivers top grade quality at a great price! This model is a better version of the very popular Sony MDRZX100 headphone that is extremely popular with users for its cost effectiveness.


Main Features

  • Closed type / Super aural 30 mm driver unit for high quality and powerful music experience. Assured enjoyment of clear mids and deep bass
  • Neo dyminum magnet 1.2 cable is present on both sides, and frequency response is 10-24,000 Hz
  • Four color options are available for these headphones. The design also allows for folding design headphones and a one button remote for accepting calls
  • On-ear-fit along with closed back form factor for great listening comfort and ease



  • These are inexpensive lightweight headphones that provide great sound quality for everyday use
  • Attractive looks and portability
  • A great buy  for headphones from a very well-known music brand
  • Great on-ear phone design that is visibly smaller than other over-ear phones
  • Non tangling chord offers convenience of usage



  • Unfortunately the bass quality of the headphone is not great
  • Mid-ranges come out unrefined and can be a letdown for advanced users
  • Comes with non-removable headphone cable that cannot be replaced


  1. Sound Intone Headphones with Microphone, Cost: $17.98


Main Features:

  • Durable, folding construction for ease of storage and portability
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable adjustable design, which is ideal for virtually any sized head or ears.
  • The ear pads are very soft and plush, and provide hours of comfortable listening
  • The on-ear design offers good noise isolation for travel, work, study and anywhere else. Built-in microphone & music control are other advantages
  • The headphone cord extends approximately 4 feet, which is the perfect length for mobile or portable listening, and terminates to a 3.5mm (1/8') 'mini' plug jack suitable for audio connection to any mobile source like MP3 players, laptops or notebooks. Works amazingly well with IPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other devices.
  • The Sound Intone On-Ear headset is quite impressive and comes with 3-months warranty



  • Artificial leather covers the soft foam which keeps still and returns to its shape after removal of pressure
  • Vibrant looking headphones in different colors are well complemented by the outer black finishing
  • The cord features a very strong covering
  • Great sounding headphone with commendable music clarity



  • No clarity across the whole spectrum
  • 'Shoelace' type covering on the cord, which may or may not hold up to the extent of bending or pulling it's likely to experience


  1. Sound Intone CX-05 Headphones with Microphone, Cost: $25.98

 Sound Intone CX-05 Headphones with Microphone,Noise Isolating On Ear Headsets for Iphone,Android Device,Mp3/4,Laptop,Tablet(Black)BUY NOW ON AMAZON

These headphones are great strong metal earphones that can play some serious hi-fi music.


Main Features:

  • Sound Intone CX-05 On-Ear Headphone with zinc alloy headband features extremely durable electroplated coating, ergonomic flex, deformation, and corrosion resistance.
  • Equipped with retractable strong stainless steel telescopic pull arms, which are sturdy and durable
  • Featuring a detachable cable, with an original PET nylon audio cable included in the box to boot.
  • Gold plated 3.5 mm (1/8') 'mini' plug jack suitable for audio connection, and guarantees an audio spread without distortion. Destructive test shows that this product tolerates at least more than 10,000 times of folding
  • Head beam is coated with a layer of fabric for more durability and fashionable appearance. Professional-grade ear pad and headband material delivers sufficient durability and comfort
  • Memory foam and soft protein leather are the materials your hands and eyes will get to enjoy. Plus the foldable hinge design makes it highly portable for carrying in any backpack or laptop bag
  • Lightweight and comfortable adjustable design is ideal for virtually any sized head or ears. Has built-In 360° High sensitive omni-directional microphone for clear speech and reduction of background noise for improved phone call conversations. In-line remote allows you to control your music and call at the same time (to answer and hang up the phone, pause and play music).



  • Speakers are great, very clear and full
  • Stitching on the materials are tight, and very well made
  • Cord is braided, making it tangle free. It comes with two chords – one with a mic and one without



  • The fitting may feel slightly tight on the head
  • Bass quality is medium


  1. MAYERS AUSDOM Lightweight Over-Ear Wired HiFi Stereo Headphones with Built-in Mic Comfortable Leather Earphones- Blue, Cost: $14.99

MAYERS AUSDOM Lightweight Over-Ear Wired HiFi Stereo Headphones with Built-in Mic Comfortable Leather Earphones- BlueBUY NOW ON AMAZON

These headphones provide ample quality and durability at a reasonable price.


Main Features:

  • As a high quality and brand new model, these headphones provide high definition sound
  • They come with an extremely portable and adjustable headband which is designed to be simple yet elegant to hold and use
  • The universal 3.5 mm jack makes the headphones compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, multimedia devices, computing and gaming devices
  • There is an added soft cushion which offers superior comfort and fit
  • These stylish and durable headphones allow you to listen to your music anywhere you are
  • Lightweight design allows easy of use and mobility without the inconvenience of a bulky headset



  • Given their quality and design, they are incredibly well-priced
  • These stylish and chic looking headphones come with an attractive design
  • Surprisingly excellent sound quality for the budget-friendly price
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  • Ears might occasionally feel sore if worn for more than an hour
  • Mic recording/audio quality is designed for phone calls, not professional recording


  1. Sound Intone I68 Foldable Headphones with Microphone , Cost: $18.99

Sound Intone I68 Foldable HeadphonesBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Another winner from Sound Intone, these headphones are built for looks, power and regular use.


Main Features:

  • Features adjustable headband and soft leatherette ear pads, which are extremely comfortable to wear
  • Foldable and lightweight design makes the headphones convenient for use and storage when you are working, studying and travelling
  • The earphone padding helps in alleviating the pressure on ears
  • Answer calls with the touch of a button with the inline control, which provides an easy access to control the volume, answering and hanging up of phone calls without reaching your devices
  • On-ear design helps minimize outside noise, while its 40 mm driver unit ensures high-quality sound, capturing the nuances and clarity of all your favorite music
  • Connects to standard 3.5mm jack for compatibility



  • Well padded and made for maximum usage comfort
  • Light in weight and well built
  • The folding of headphones allows great portability
  • Strong braided cord to unravel any tangling
  • Extremely attractive design and colors
  • Great sound quality and delivery for the price



  • This device cannot be used on Xbox
  • Could get a little uncomfortable after hours of constant use
  • Does not provide any Bluetooth connectivity


  1. Sentey Headphone with Microphone for Travel, Work, Running Sport , Kids Girls Headphones Headset for Music or Gaming / Premium Mesh Cable / Deluxe Transport Carrying Case Included Ls-4225 Flow Pro Red ,Cost: $12.99

Sentey Headphone with MicrophoneBUY NOW ON AMAZON

This one is a relatively new favorite albeit a popular one that provides headphone with great design, quality and functionality.
Main Features:

  • High definition stereo headphones provide more exact and natural sound than traditional stereo, and a major step forward in the modern listening experience and sleek design
  • In-Line Mic and Control allows to take and receive calls and also to play/pause music with compatible devices. Omni-directional microphone built with latest technology makes for a strong and durable audio headphone because it carries your voice to compatible phones and devices
  • A universal single 3.5mm jack that provides easy input and secure usage is included. There is no need to have any cables around your neck. It also gold coated to provide the highest quality connection
  • An AUX line-in allows music playback from various devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC and much more
  • With these powerful and stylish headphones, you can jam to the beat of your own music with Flow Pro
  • They come with great noise cancellation property too



  • Over ear pads provide for great noise isolation. The closed protein ear cushion blocks noise in almost any environment for guaranteed comfort
  • Really clean bass, mid and treble for great listening experience for normal as well as advanced purposes.
  • Comes in superior protective packaging and good color options
  • The headphones are made of plastic and comes with a full tilt leatherette foam ear
  • Superb battery life that last up to 15 hours on a single charge
  • These foldable headphones can be transported and stored with equal ease
  • A tangle free braided flat audio cable is provided for safe transport, which does not allow your cable to bend while storing your headphones in folding position. A long on-ear headphone extension cable helps in mobility too.



  • It offers mono output which is considered to be a bad option for those with a hearing problem
  • Slightly uncomfortable for users with big heads


  1. Sentey Wired Headphones Warp Pro Black, Cost: $29.97

Sentey Wired Headphones Warp Pro Black/Red Rubber Painting LS-4421 Over-the-Ear with Detachable 3.5mm In-Line MicrophoneBUY NOW ON AMAZON

These are great daily use headphones perfect for youngster, regular users as well as serious sound enthusiasts.


Main Features:

  • High definition stereo headphones for authentic sounds and a major step forward in the modern listening experience
  • Comes with an inline controller for taking calls and complete hands-free comfort during working out
  • Over ear noise isolation pads made of memory foam blocks noise in almost any environment for assured comfort
  • Compatible with music playback from various devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC and much more.


  • Amazing professional quality sound with a great treble and mids balance
  • Super soft headphones that can be folded and stored, making for a great solution for on the go audio. Also comes with a carrying case, which makes it an awesome traveling companion, for easy transportation & care.
  • A great budget buy for anyone looking for quality phones for regular use
  • Flexibility of the headband is an added plus



  • Comes in only one color
  • A bit of vacuum pain develops after continuous usage
  • May create issues for very small heads



Hopefully, our list of good headphones under 30 has been able to provide you with a fair idea about pocket-friendly but high quality headphones. So tell us which one caught your interest the most.

Also let us know if there is any headphone that we missed out on, but it deserves to be on the list.

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