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15 Best Indian Handbag Brands that Every Fashionista must Check Out

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Girls! And when has it ever been about fancy gadgets and racing cars for them? Girls are all crazy about their bags, shades and shoes. And among these, bag is the most important element for them to accessorize. A perfect bag has to match au currant fashion, their outfit, and their position in social gatherings.

There is another type of girls, who want their bags to have more of the functionality aspect along with the good looks. And so, a lot of businessmen are milking money by making the trendy and fashionable, at the same time functionally efficient bags. Foreign companies, that present their branded products with a greater efficiency and cutting edge style, rule the market and earn big bucks.

But, there are good Indian brands as well, unknown before the era of the ecommerce world, but now are making bags so good that they are outperforming the supposedly bigger brands.

For the girls also, these days, the name doesn’t matter unless it is an almighty luxury brand like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel,Armani, Prada, Gucci or Fendi. These days, girls are getting elegant, efficient and affordable bags from several Indian brands.

Here is the list of best handbag brands in India (2017)that are redefining accessory fashion, in style.


As the name suggests, Hidesign reflects in its products a high level of design, style, quality, class, efficiencyand everything else you could ask for, in a bag. With its unique high class designs and posh logo, Hidesign stands out from the crowd of handbags everywhere. It is something to flash, whether you are in a party or at work, Hidesign establishes your class just by its name.

It is one of the most popular handbags brand in India. The two samples exhibited here demonstrate much more than what is said.It surely is the luxury brand of the middle class.



This new brand from the Millenium city presents a range of bags to turn heads. Every piece of it is so amazing and exquisite that it is hard to resist even by strongest of the shopaphobics. Amazon has acquired many products from its range and it is now on the site for sale, with attractive discounts.

A little on the higher side of the general range of handbags, Aquatan is the second luxury brand in handbags, for middle class. By the looks of it, we can safely say that Aquatan is ready to give a tough competition to Hidesign.


The most favorite of the young and adventurous women, Baggit has its own signature range of bags which anyone can identify from a distance even when the logo is not seen.With their modish designs and strength of materials, baggit is loved by all the sporty, outgoing and free-thinking women. Its price is well in budget for all sorts.

The colors, material and design of the bags unanimously shout ‘be free’, breaking the wall of conventional systems. They sort of whisper confidence and make you believe that you can be yourself, and loved by all for who you are instead of copying others and be the invisible part of the crowd; proudly stand out instead of trying to fit in.


Truth be told, Lavie is THE FASHION BRAND of handbags. The most stylish, affordable and chic designs aremanufactured by Lavie, which can be used both at work and play. Like the samples shown below, they can be carried to work effortlessly, as well as flashed in the Friday after-work parties.

It is best suited for the women who are living in an extra-ordinarily fast-paced life and have no time to change the purses every time they are called for a party directly after work.


Endorsed by the beautiful Alia Bhatt, who in the advertisement gives the statement ‘I’m a Caprese girl’, Caprese has become the household name for the fashion-loving girls. Even on ecommerce websites, girls filter Caprese brand from the rest and make their choice then and there.

This brand offers a wide range of shapes, from bucket style bags to graceful rectangular shape; colors that come from subtle greys, tan and browns to hot yellow, orange and fuschia; and designs, from Italian style to a typical New Yorker’s choice. You can get it on all the online shopping ecommerce sites, that too with attractive-discounts.

Butterflies bags

Hand-full of teen-agedrama, delicate feminine beauty and thousands of day-dreams when put together, define the character of butterflies bags. Ideal for young girls, these bags have beautiful contours, popping colors and lovely butterfly hanging with a chain; ideal for chic, but coy girls.

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