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20 Best Google Chrome Extensions (2017) that will make you Smarter

Google Chrome

Figuring out to discover some powerful and productive Google Chrome Extensions? Have a look a these 20 most popular Chrome extensions for your browser.

Until a few months back I was unaware of the thing called Chrome extension. I don’t know whether you know about it or not. Listen, even if you don’t know about it, this piece of write up that deals with useful Google chrome extensions is going to be quite beneficial for you. No rocket science involved, basically extension is like small tools that you add to your browser to simplify you tasks, that’s it.

Anyways, coming back to the point I was discussing about discovery of my first Chrome extension called, Grammarly.

It automatically suggests and corrects your writings, emails or comment, or anything you write. You can also go to the extension manually and paste your writing in its editor, in a few seconds it gives all the suggestion, highlighting each error. Since then, I have tested out various extensions for Google Chrome, some proved to be useless and some are simply inevitable.

So, here I am all ready to share my list of 20 best extension for chrome that is going to make you much smarter, productive and multitasking.

  1. 1Password

1Password’s Chrome extension gives you the ease of easy password management. With this, you no longer need to have scores of password that make it difficult for you to memorize countless passwords. 1Password generate a single secure password for every site you use. So, you no longer have to get lost in the sea of different passwords torturing your brain cells. With just a couple of clicks, you can log in, fill out registration forms and enter credit card details.

Click here to download 1Password, Size: 197KB

  1. Coupons at Checkout

Many times you miss out huge money saving coupons which you could have availed for free. I know it’s very irritating and time killing to search spam and ad-loaded coupon sites for a coupons and deals. Often you are in a haste of buying something or making some payment online and don’t have much time.

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You always wished if someone else could just do this part of researching for you. Cheer up, this extension does the same, it automatically detects when you are going to buy something online and filters the internet to find out useful coupons for you. Cool!, isn’t it?

Click here to download Coupons at Checkout, Size: 373KB

  1. Evernote Web Clipper

It’s a very handy extension that helps you do multiple things like saving a simplified reading view, annotating pages, creating a summary, or grabbing an image of the entire page.

So whether you engage in doing Internet research for your projects, blogs or you like to store useful information at a single place, you get all things done at a click of the mouse. Clip Gmail attachments and threads or clip entire page, selection, or simplified article, it does things beyond normal copy and paste.

Good thing about is that everything is saved online so that you can access Evernote from any computer, tablet, or other devices anytime you wish.

Click here to download Evernote Web Clipper, Size: 3.98MB

  1. Strict Workflow

It’s quite normal to get distracted while you are working on the internet. The constant urge to check out how many new likes your dashing pic got or who commented on it is hard to suppress.

This extension cover it all very well. It’s very easy to use and is pre-configured to block various distracting websites. You can also add various blacklist and whitelist websites manually that block sites during a work time and allow the non-disturbing ones.

Just three steps and you are on the right track in right direction:

  1. Click to begin the 25-minute work timer and complete you job with full concentration.
  2. Hit the 5-minute break timer, and refresh yourself.
  3. Repeat the cycle till you get your job done.
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Click here to download Strict Workflow, Size: 187KB

  1. Save to Pocket

This chrome extension saves all the content you find interesting to be read later. Not just it saves, it also syncs automatically to your tablet and phone so that you can view later in your free time. That too even without any internet connection. You just need to set up an account and then begin saving content with Pocket.

Click here to download Save to Pocket, Size: 545KB

  1. Goo.gl URL shortener

This extension makes use of Google’s URL shortening service to instantly trim all those bulky Urls you like to get shortened. This makes it easier to copy and share anywhere on Bebo, Blip, Blogger, Baidu, Bobrdobr, Delicious, Facebook, Twitter or any other place you like. It also generates a QR code for the saved URL. You can even access various details from where and how often the URL is clicked.

Click here to download Goo.gl URL shortener, Size: 154KB

  1. AdBlock

AdBlock is one of the most used essential chrome extensions having more than 200 million downloads. It’s really annoying to see loads of ads on various pages you surf.

Especially, when you read something serious like the online newspaper, it’s disturbing to see various GIFs and automatic streaming of YouTube videos.

This extension solves your purpose very cleanly and easily. You get a less crowded and ad-free page. These Ads are a great sucker of your internet data and even slows down the loading time of sites. It’s the utility of this extension that has made it so popular.

I bet you are not going to miss it, if you don’t have this until now.

Click here to download AdBlock,Size: 1.62MB

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Many times you want your computer to be accessed remotely to troubleshoot some problems. With this extension, you can share your screen with a trusted individual remotely who can view and control your computer.

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Especially, if you are part of IT team, this is a must have extension for you. It works cross-platform between any two machines having Chrome browser be Windows, Mac, Linux, or ChromeOS machines.

Click here to download Chrome Remote Desktop,Size: 3.15MB

  1. Hover Zoom

Many times those small thumbnail images on online stores or social network sites compel you to strain your eyes. Now stop acting like Sherlock Homes to examine what you are looking for. With this extension just have to move your cursor over those small images and it loads the full-size image without opening the new page. It automatically re-sizes the image if they don’t fit the screen. Have it, without delays.

Click here to download Hover Zoom,Size: 204KB

  1. Speedtest by Ookla

With this cool extension, you can have all the info about your internet speed quickly from your Google Chrome without any disruptions. You can also run the speed test to see the internet performance.


  • Measure how fast the pages you visit gets loaded.
  • Give feedback of download, and upload speeds directly.

Click here to download Speedtest by Ookla,Size: 4.56MB

  1. Grammarly

This was the first extension I ever used, definitely one of the best extension for chrome. Till the time I discovered this Chrome extension, I used to make many silly mistakes in my writings be it any important mail,or blogs or casual Facebook comment/update. The first time I came to know about Grammarly through one of my friends, added it to my browser and the result was awesome.

This is a must-have extension that you must not miss at any cost. Download it right now, if you don’t have it. Whether you are a writer, student or working professional, anyone who wants to write better English, go for it.

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