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20 Best Gaming Chairs in 2017 to Have a wonderful Gaming Experience

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Gaming chairs are the ultimate piece of admiration for all the gaming enthusiasts. They increase your gaming experience to a completely new level. They are cool, coming with various features like inbuilt speakers, vibration motors, wireless sound transmission and much more.

With all these cool features, they take you to a completely different world. From the point of ergonomics also, they are simply inevitable. Sitting in a wrong position can be very disastrous for your health and personality.

You would not like to be cursed with a stooped spine or chronic back pain. Featuring various ergonomic side rest, requisite thickness, sponginess, additional cushions and other essential detailing they let you sit for as long as you wish without any strains and pains.

Now, checkout the below list of 20 best gaming in chair 2017 that are hand picked after detailed online researching.

Homall Gaming Chair, Price : $89.99

Homall gaming chair is very dashing both in look and functionality. Actually, Homall is into the production of chairs, stools and other furniture from years. Unlike another gaming chairs, it is not very bulky. It also features five legs wheel support.

And that makes it a multi-purpose chair to be readily used for your office(or normal) work on the desktop.

The frames are made from metallic steel that add great strength to it. While its seat and back support are made from PU leather. This gives it quite shiny and classy look. The height of the chair is also very long to support your neck comfortably.

You can readily adjust the height of seat and armrest according to your comfortability.

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  • 360 Degree Swivel
  • Lightweight construction


X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair with Audio System,  Price: $89.99

In the world of gaming chair, X Rocker has clearly dominated the domain with its wide range of gaming chair for every budget and need.

This one is another great rocker chair with lots of cool features.

It features inbuilt speakers with 2.0 stereo sound. There are two powerful side facing speakers to give you incredible gaming experience. The chair is made from high-density foam and very lively polyester fabric covering that does not let you slip. Squeeze in it for a long hour to enjoy your computer games or video game, book reading or watch your favorite movies. Or just relax in it.

The ergonomic design of the chair will let you feel fresh and fine even after long duration of time.There is also a side panel with quick volume controls and input/output cables for easy access. You can also connect another music player into it to enjoy the music you love.


  • Side control panel.
  • Polyester fabric cover for good grip.


V Rocker 5130301 Gaming Chair, Price: $99.00

Well, this one is fully dedicated to gamers and the gaming communities. Super thick and comfy it comes with a dual front facing speakers and a sub-woofer. Get fitted in it a play for a long hour without any discomfort. It supports wireless audio transmission, something great to keep you away from the web of wires and cables. It is compatible with various devices(audio players, DVDs) and play stations. It is ergonomically designed to well support your back. All the control for bass and sound are located on the side. There is also a sockets to plug in your headphone, in case you do not want others to be disturbed. This is something very helpful for those teenagers who are often shouted at for the loud music coming out of their rooms. The material used for its cover is also very durable using tough with the combination of vinyl materials( in the centre portion) and fabric mesh( on the sides). just for playing games, you can lay into it to read your novels with peace or watch your favourite action movie.
Inbuilt speakers.
Wireless transmission.

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X Rocker 5171401 Fox Wireless 2.1 Sound Video Gaming Chair, Price: $109.98

Designed in the shape of a sports car seat, it’s a compact and sturdy rocking chair for your gaming endeavour. Not just that you can use it for gaming only. Coming with inbuilt speaker and woofer you can squeeze in it with your favorite novel and enjoy reading with some soothing background music. It features latest innovative Audio Force Modulation(AFM) Technology and wireless radio receiver and transmitter that eradicates the problem of frustrating wiring. Its ergonomic and user-friendly design let you play for much longer time without any issue of heat concentrations, or body pain. The control panel is located just where your hands lie as you rest on it. From there you can control volume, attach headphones and insert various input/output connections.
Breathable fabric and mess.
Audio Force Modulation Technology.
Inbuilt control and speakers.

Merax HighBack Ergonomic Racing Style, Price: $109.90

This one very economical gaming chair from Merax. Ergonomically designed, it can be very conveniently used as your office chair also. So, play endless games or work tirelessly on this car seat style chair.

Made from PU leather, it looks very shiny and classy and is quite easier to clean. Its height can be easily varied with the hydraulic spring and the seat is free to be varied in inclination. The armrest is also very convenient to vary in angle from 0 to 160 degree.

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