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18 Hot and Trending Firefox Add-ons to Look for in 2017

Best Firefox Addons

One of the things that sets apart Mozilla Firefox browser from other browsers is the rich set of add-ons using which people can do just about anything.  Add-on is a small piece of software which plugs-in into your browser to add new functionality or change its look and feel.

This gives tremendous power to the user to do just about anything that he desires such as being more secure, get all his devices connected, block irritating ads, become more productive and so on. So by using add-ons you can easily customize Firefox to meet your specific needs and requirements.

No wonder that there are thousands of add-ons, each doing something special, and each one vying for its space in the crowd, to become more visible and well-known. The sheer number of add-ons makes it very difficult for people to quickly find the right add-on.

To make your life easier, here are the top 18 most useful Mozilla Firefox add-ons. As my purpose is to list useful add-ons, these may, yet not be the most popular Firefox add-ons in their category.

So, here we go.


Adblock Plus

adblock plus Firefox

This is one of the most essential Firefox add-ons. Its main function is to block those intruding, distracting, and irritating advertisements which some websites overdo.

Just like a pop-up blocker, if you want, you can whitelist sites from where you want to see advertisements. In addition to this, this add-on also protects you from being tracked online, blocks websites which are known to spread malware such as viruses, Trojans, worms, adware and spyware.

It can optionally also disable social media buttons such as Facebook, Google+ etc., on the websites which you visit. This helps in protecting your online habits from being known to those social media sites.

Lazarus: Form Recovery

Lazarus: Form Recovery

This add-on is one of Firefox best add-ons. Installing this add-on is like taking insurance. Just like insurance, it looks was until it is required. But when that unfortunate moment strikes, then we realize its enormous value and importance.

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You will realize Lazarus’ value and importance when you will end up in a situation where you have entered lots of information in forms of some site, and then suddenly something happens like browser crashing, or you accidentally closing browser or tab, or accidentally pressing back button or clicking on some link, and as a result, you just lost half an hour of your life because you cannot recover your text in any way.

Not only that, you will lose another 30 minutes to fill up that form again. If you had Lazarus, then the add-on would have saved all the text which you were typing, and when such accidental loss happens, you will get all the text back with just few mouse clicks.




Although still in the experimental stage for Firefox, its Safari equivalent is one of the most downloaded extensions. By adding a social angle, this add-on takes the ‘reading list’ feature to a whole new level. Other than saving and retrieving content, the social aspect enables people to find content, that too together with like-minded people.

So, now you can not only save and retrieve articles such as in Pocket add-on, you can also share it with other ReadingPack users who have similar interests as yours and vice versa. ReadPack always put the most recommended content on the top of the list thus ensuring that the best content gets your best attention.

You can also configure it to notify when someone in your ReadingPack group promotes some content.


DuckDuckGo Plus

DuckDuckGo Plus

Nowadays people are extremely concerned about their online privacy. Several websites which we most often visit have very poor privacy policies or their policies are confusing, unclear, incomplete etc. This allows these websites to quietly track your every online activity hidden from you. Most common and biggest of such websites are search engines.

Normally people use only one search engine, and despite not logging into the search engine website, the search engine websites can track all your online search history, with which they make your online profile, based on which they ask advertisers more money for ‘targeted ads’, plus sell your profile to aggregators for more money.

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Imagine one day you suddenly start getting ads about products or services which you were always browsing in incognito or private modes! This is why DuckDuckGo exists. This is an alternative search engine which simply doesn’t track any of your personal details including your IP address.



This is online shoppers dream come true. When you are shopping online, it helps you to get the best of both the worlds i.e. options to save money and choices to make money.  By just one click during checkout, this add-on will automatically search for the best coupon that could give maximum discounts.

It also helps you earn in the form of getting you best cash backs offers for the stuff which you will buy anyways. On top of these, it will help you get the best deals on Amazon.

Currently, it works for top hundred online stores only in US, Canada and UK. Makers of this add-on keep adding more retailers continuously.




This is another add-on which online shoppers will jump upon. Before going further, please let me ask you a simple question: When you are shopping online, what are the things you are anxious about?

I am sure that your answers definitely included the anxiousness about that possibility that some other online store might be selling this item at lower price. This is where InvisibleHand comes in. With InvisbleHand you can freely indulge in online shopping knowing that InvisbleHands has your back about finding lowest prices. Presently, it has 580 retailers on its list.

Similarly, it also gives lower prices for flights and hotels. Currently, it works only in US, UK and Germany.

Download Plan

Download Plan

I am sure that we all have been in situations when we want to download something but simply cannot do it right away due to several reasons such as bandwidth limit, peak time, etc. Also, we have been in situations when such as the time for best download speeds falls roughly around 2 am! All the people who have been in these situations hoped for some solution which will let them schedule their download.

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Now they can do this with Download Plan. For example, you can schedule heavy downloads for late in night while now you enjoy the streaming video. Without Download Plan either you will have manually start the download after watching the video, or start the download right away and tolerate the repeated re-buffering in the streaming video.

Download Plan doesn’t only let you schedule downloads, it also lets you organize them in order, as well as specify the location where you want to save them.



This is for people like me who constantly keep juggling between phone and computer. So many times I get frustrated when suddenly phone beeps for some notification while I am in middle of doing something on my computer.

Then, on one hand is the urge to look at the notification and on the other hand the need to finish the work. Similarly, so many times I find some good website or good file when working from mobile phone, which I want on my computer to continue the work.

By connecting all devices, PushBullet helps solve these kinds of problems. Among other things, with PushBullet I can see the phone notifications on my computer and even reply to them (which goes via the mobile phone), I can SMS someone, and I can easily share files between devices.



This is a God sent add-on for those people who cannot live without sharing something interesting with others on social media. Such people normally have accounts is several social media sites.

When they find something cool, they end up in copy-pasting same information, or uploading same file multiple times on multiple websites by painfully opening all those websites one by one, or opening their apps one by one.

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