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10 Best Digital Cameras Under $400 To Boooooom Your Skills!

When was the last time you felt spoilt for choice when you went on a camera shopping spree, only to discover that there is a wide array of brands shelling out top notch cameras which are equally high on specs and offer picture quality like none other?

With technology reinventing itself almost every single day, cameras like other gadgets too, come loaded with mind-blowing features and promises. They are no longer just the tools to treasure your happy memories, but they can now make even the simplest moments of your life special.

Here’s our list which covers some great digital cameras for 400 dollars available in the market today, which will make your decision making process a whole lot easier.


#10. FUJIFILM X20 12 MP DIGITAL CAMERA - Price $358.00


This device is regarded as one of the best sellers, a budget-friendly model with low flash capacity, and an amazing build quality. it is suitable for all age groups and saves your memories at one go.


  • It has a very good snapshot quality
  • Inbuilt retro designs and innovative new filters
  • Easy controls with all descriptions given in the manual, so that it becomes easy for the novice
  • Has self timer, so you can now click group photos in which you are present too!


  • The product is not suitable for the ones who want to click all day long
  • Not suitable for movie purposes or large scale shooting
  • Battery drains after a certain point of time
  • No controls for manual functions
  • RAW is not provided above ISO 3200
  • The camera is not water resistant


  • The camera has an auto focus technology with phase detect multi area centre, tracking, single, continuous and live view
  • There are all total 49 auto focus points in this gadget
  • It can take snapshots up to almost 270 pictures
  • This camera consists of lithium ion battery
  • It is available in silver colour
  • 12 fps continuous shooting speed
  • It can zoom 2x from the real view with a LCD screen and a fixed display fixture
  • It has a display resolution of maximum of 460000, 12 MP effective still resolutions and 100 expanded ISO medium
  • The camera comes with exposure controls to auto, program, aperture priority, shutter priority, and inbuilt manual
  • No external memory with the camera
  • It translates the files to JPEG and RAW
  • It has a hot shoe flash, hybrid auto focus description and includes manual focus
  • Compact form factor and no GPS system, and is equipped with a mini connector HDMI type
  • The product weighs almost 0.78 pounds
  • The device has an optical sensor technology with 12 MP and CMOS




Capturing your loved one’s smile is just a click away. With various magnificent features, Canon Power shot N100 HS is one of the best cameras ever, which one will experience.


  • The device is innovative, captures anything whether it’s a scenic landscape or wildlife pictures or still photographs
  • Built in Wi-Fi helps to share and show pictures to friends on social networking sites
  • The device comes with a near field communication application


  • No external memory is provided with the device and it’s a no flash type
  • The camera weighs much more than expected, but still it weighs around 0.64 pounds
  • There are no viewfinder type features in the camera


  • Canon’s auto focus technology has a contrast detect sensor, multi area sensor, single focus, face detection focus, and live view and all total consists of 9 focus points
  • The average battery life capacity is 330 photos, which is really incredible!
  • The camera is available in white colour
  • Can zoom photos up to 4x, and features a LCD display screen with tilting display fixture
  • The display resolution is a maximum of 922000, and still resolution is effective till 121 MP
  • It has an ISO which can be expanded to 3200 maximum and 100 minimum
  • The camera features an exposure control on dual capture, hybrid auto, and SCN
  • The device has a built-in flash
  • It has a compact form factor and includes manual factor
  • This gadget comes with an optional GPS, a micro HDMI, and optical image stabilization
  • The camera includes components like power shot N100, Battery Pack NB-12L,Battery Charger CB-2LG and a Wrist Strap WS-DC12
  • The device is provided with warranty card of one year


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#8. SONY DSC-RX100/B 20.2 MP SENSOR DIGITAL CAMERA – Price $349.00


Sony DSC is popular largely for its marvellous image quality and superb ISO performance. The device has inbuilt classy movie like features, and is so short that it is pocket friendly.


  • The device comes with a built-in flash
  • It is highly portable and you can carry it anywhere with you
  • The device operates real fast with flexible lens range


  • No external memory is included with this gadget
  • This device cannot be used for low lighted places
  • It doesn’t come with a GPS system, and the LCD screen is tough to visualize under sunlight


  • There are 25 auto focuses in the device with Contrast Detect (sensor), Multi-area, Selective single point detection, Tracking, Single, Continuous, and Face Detection focal points
  • It can take photos up to 330
  • The device is available in black colour
  • Continuous shooting speed is 10 fps, and the device can zoom up to 14 times of the real image
  • The display fixture type is fixed with LCD screen of 3 inches
  • The effective still resolution is 202 MP, with an expanded maximum ISO of 25600 and minimum of 100
  • The exposure control type is auto advanced, auto program, shutter priority, aperture priority, manual, memory call, table zoom, 3D sweep panorama, anti motion blur, picture effect and scene selection
  • The device can detect contrast descriptions
  • Components like Camera, Micro USB cable, Instruction Manual, Battery, Wrist Strap, AC Adapter is included with the device
  • It is a large sensor compact device, and image stabilization is optimal


#7. Nikon Coolpix P520 – Price $388.00

Nikon Coolpix P520BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Nikon Coolpix offers great images at economical prices. Now photo shoot anytime anywhere with this simple to use pocket sized camera, with intuitive touch, and easy manuals.


  • There is an external memory card provided with the device
  • It has higher resolutions than other devices, and is active under low light as well
  • The image quality is much better than its competitors, and it has a timer feature not available in other devices
  • As compared with other cameras, the viewing screen is much stronger and wider


  • Less number of features in the device compared to other models at a similar price point
  • The zoom capacity could have been better
  • Battery life not so strong, and the camera has focus problems in self timer and movie modes
  • An upgrade of the lens adaptor is much needed


  • It has 9 auto focus points with contrast detector sensor
  • The battery life goes up to 200 pictures maximum
  • The gadget is available in a stylish black colour
  • It can zoom up to 2 times the real image
  • The LCD screen display is of 3.2 inches
  • 181 effective still resolutions with expandable maximum ISO of 6400 and minimum of 80
  • The device includes manual focus
  • Built-in GPS system is another advantage
  • 15 flash memory installed, and the product measures 3.31 x 4.02 x 4.92 inches
  • Features optical image stabilization and the camera weighs around 550 grams
  • The lithium battery weighs 4 ounces, and the device has a maximum focal length of 1000 mm




Now get a 360 degree experience with Ricoh Theta digital camera just for $346.95. The device has been improved to capture images in low light and guess what? It now clicks pictures with a new enlarged sensor of 12 MP.


  • Captures images with 360 degrees view
  • The image quality has been improved, and the camera now has a larger image sensor than before
  • User interface has been improved with better functions
  • The device flaunts a higher movie quality than the rest in the market, and it allows live streaming of videos
  • Offers high definition videos of 30 fps


  • The camera lacks zoom features, and comes without a self timer
  • No external memory is included with the device


  • The device has an auto focus technology of 10 cm
  • It has a lithium ion battery type that weighs around 2 grams
  • The display size is 1 inch, and the effective still resolution is of 14 MP
  • Its exposure control forms are automatic, manual, and shutter speed priority based
  • Locations are captured by GPS system, and it has hardware connectivity with no image stabilization
  • The product has dimensions of 0.9 x 1.73 x 5.1 inches and weighs 0.3 pounds
  • Macro focus range is up to 0.10 m centimetres, and the camera has a maximum horizontal resolution of 1920 pixels
  • The device has a storage capacity of 8 GB
  • It has a minimum aperture F/2 and a focal length of 1 mm
  • Maximum shutter speed takes 1 sec
  • Comes with 12 MP optical sensor resolutions of CMOS, and has one USB port


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Now you have the power to dominate every scene and click the moments according to your choice. This is only possible with the help of this great device - the Canon Powershot.


  • The device has a self timer
  • It is supported with a rechargeable battery and a charger is included in the box
  • This camera features auto focus technologies and has built-in flash


  • It has no macro focus range
  • The device is not water resistant and lacks sensor cleaning method


  • The device weighs 131 pounds with one lithium battery of 41 grams
  • It has a warranty of 1 year and is of composite material type
  • The gadget has a maximum aperture of f/65 and ranges between F34-F65
  • Maximum focal length of 1200 mm with a maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second
  • It has a maximum horizontal resolution of 4000 and just 1 memory slot available
  • This camera has metering of the following types - multi, centre- weighted, and spot
  • It has a minimum aperture of f/34, minimum focal length of 24 mm, and minimum shutter speed of 15 seconds
  • The device has an optical sensor resolution of 12 MP, CMOS
  • It can zoom to up to 50 times the real image, and has a photo sensor technology of BSI-CMOS
  • Is equipped with Digic 5 processor and RS60E3 remote control
  • LCD viewfinder and 1 USB port are among other features
  • Video capture format is H264 with 24 fps, 30 fps resolutions
  • Has contrast detect sensor, multi area, selective single point, tracking, single, continuous, face detection and live view with 9 auto focus points
  • This gadget can store up to 315 photos
  • It is stuffed with lithium ion battery and capability of continuous shooting speed of 22 fps
  • Can zoom to up to 4 times of the original size, while display size is 28 inches


#4. Panasonic Lumix FZ70 – Price $329.99

Panasonic Lumix FZ70BUY NOW ON AMAZON

This device is in great demand because of its innumerable features, which make it unique in the camera world. With adequate external memory, click photos as much as you can with this “memory-making” device.


  • External memory and built-in flash type are included with the device
  • The camera works smoothly and is far better than was initially expected
  • The large screen of the camera helps to produce a greater view of the images


  • This camera has no water resistant features and lacks GPS system


  • The camera has 23 auto focus points and auto focus technologies like contrast detection, multi area, centre, tracking, single, continuous, and face detection
  • With it you can click up to 400 photos, and the gadget has a lithium ion battery
  • The continuous shooting speed is 9 fps, and the camera can zoom pictures to 2 times of the original image
  • Has a LCD display screen and a fixed display fixture
  • Display resolution can go up to a maximum of 460000, and the screen size is 3 inches
  • Effective still resolution is 8 MP, while maximum expanded ISO is 6400 and minimum expanded ISO is 100
  • It comes with an intelligent auto, program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual, Custom, Creative Video, Creative Control, Scene and Panorama Shot
  • The size of the memory card installed on this device is 200 which gets stored in the format of JPEG, and MPO
  • It has contrast detection and includes manual focus along with SLR-like form factor
  • The camera is of a Mini HDMI type
  • With product dimensions 3.82 x 4.65 x 5.12 inches, the camera weighs 134 pounds including the lithium ion battery which weighs 40 grams
  • The macro focus range of the device is 1 cm, and the camera comes with 1 year manufacturing guarantee


#3. Sony alpha a3000 DIL – Price $325.00

Sony alpha a3000 DILBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Sony Alpha a3000 DIL is known for its looks, lightweight nature and dependable grip. It helps photographers to click photos smoothly due to its extraordinary features and quick automated focus in live videos. A discussion surrounding good digital cameras under $400 just can’t be complete without this Sony edition.


  • Now low light images can be clicked easily because of the camera’s wide range of sensitivity
  • Auto HDR mode and the six creative style settings have made the product more classy


  • No external memory provided with the device
  • Lacks GPS feature and is not water resistant


  • The camera has an auto focus technology like the contrast detection, multi area, Centre, tracking, single, continuous, and face detection with 25 auto focus points
  • The camera can take up to 470 pictures, and the compatible mountings are with Sony FE and Sony E
  • It has a continuous shooting speed of 35 fps, and can zoom images up to 4 times of the real sizes
  • This device has a LCD display screen and fixed display fixture
  • The display resolution can go up to a maximum of 230400, and has a display screen size of 3 inches
  • The device has an effective still resolution of 201 MP
  • It has an expanded ISO minimum of 100 and maximum of 16000
  • The exposure control types include Superior Auto, Programmed AE (P), Aperture priority (A), Shutter-speed priority (S), Manual (M), Sweep Panorama, iAuto and Scene Selection
  • The flash modes of the device are auto, Flash off, Flash on, Pre-flash, Red-eye reduction, and Slow synchronization
  • There is a built-in flash type and hot shoe
  • The device includes manual focus as well


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#2. Nikon coolpix P7700 – Price $395.00

Nikon coolpix P7700BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Now discover your passions at one go. With the help of this camera, click extraordinary pictures of high quality and become a professional level photographer. With the help of renowned speed lights, comfortable designs, and perfectly easy navigation menu, discover the new items now which were hidden all this while.


  • External memory is included in the device
  • Very good picture quality and versatile zoom features
  • Additional flash, strong video feature and manual exposure helps the device to stand out
  • Low light performance of the camera is just superb
  • It can move at any angle, and can be used to click each and every side of the object or scenery


  • Not suitable for the ones who wants to take RAW images
  • Compared to P7100, the wide angles could have been better


  • The camera has 9 auto focus points with contrast detection, multi area, Centre, tracking, single, continuous, and face detection
  • It can click 330 photos all at once, runs on the lithium ion battery, and it has continuous shooting speed of 8 fps
  • It can expand the size of any image 4 times than before
  • Total articulated display fixture, with a maximum display resolution of 921000
  • The display size of the screen is 1.2 inches, with effective still resolution of 122, an expanded ISO of 6400 and 3200
  • The exposure controls are of the following types, Program P, Aperture priority (A), Shutter priority (S), and Manual (M)
  • The size of the flash memory is 86
  • The flash modes are hot shoe and built in flash
  • And the camera also includes manual focus technology


#1. Canon Eos Rebel – Price $399.00


Sitting proudly in this list of the best digital cameras under 400 , Canon Eos Rebel has much more to it than what meets the eye. You can now click images and record videos of high resolution with the help of 18.0 MP camera and Digic 4 image processor. The price of the device is just slightly short of $400 but it’s worth the money.


  • It has a self timer, and offers creative, new filters
  • Cheap and long term battery life is promised
  • For novices or beginners, the ease of usage is unparalleled


  • Sometimes takes over exposed snaps with no focus
  • No external audio jack features, and the recording quality is not that great


  • The camera has an auto focus technology like the contrast detection, multi area, Centre, track, single and continuous, live view and face detection with 9 auto focus points
  • It can take up to 500 pictures, which is much  more than other devices
  • The compatible mountings are with canon EF and Canon EF S
  • It has a continuous shooting speed of 3 fps, and can zoom images up to 8 times of the real sizes
  • This gadget has a LCD display screen and fixed display fixture like other devices at this price point
  • The display resolution can be a maximum of 460000, and the screen size is 3 inches
  • The device has an effective still resolution of 18 MP
  • It has an expanded ISO minimum of 100 and maximum of 6400
  • The exposure control types comprise of Scene Intelligent Auto, Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and Manual
  • The flash modes of the device are auto, and Flash off
  • There is a built in flash type and hot shoe in this camera
  • The flash modes descriptions are auto, and fill in, and the device has only one USB port
  • The item dimensions are 3.94 x 3.07 x 5.12 inches, and it is quite handy  

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So, here was our list of some of the top digital cameras for under 400 which have captivated photographers all over the world with their high end specifications and crystal clear photo quality.

Tell us which one appealed to you the most.

Also let us know if there is a model which should have been mentioned in this list, but we missed out on it.  

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