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5 Best Cars Under 6 Lakhs in India for 2017 – Get, Set, Go!

So you’ve just settled in your job and bought a house for yourself after years and years of perseverance and hard work; and now you want your own set of wheels to check another point off your bucket list. Now your pockets might not be too deep, but then you’re full of love and that’s how you will treat your car. As they say, no one buys their ‘first car’ twice.

Given the frantic nature of the market these days and the upheaval of the competition among multiple car companies, there are thousands of car options out there no matter what money bracket you’re targeting. Ergo, there are plenty of good cars below 6 lakhs which are ready to be at your disposal. Moreover, this fight between car labels and brands is good for the general folk and the end users as the prices have been slashed, and people are getting more in less i.e. bundles of features at prices you would never imagine.

When it comes to buying new cars under 6 lakhs, one would feel spoilt for choice more often than not. The price range is neither too modest nor too extravagant.

Here we cite some of the best cars under 6 lakhs which should be good news especially for all hatchback car lovers out there. Hatchbacks are often mini cars laden with massive ounces of comfort and consistent performance as ever. Not everyone can afford Audis or BMWs or a Mercedes for that matter.

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The cars and models that we’re going to look at today, are the new and improved Micra Active from Nissan, the eye catching Chevrolet Beat, the high on comfort Hyundai i10, the evergreen crowd favourite Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Stingray, the small but wholesome package of Honda Brio, and the performance packed Tata Indica.

Here are us making your job of buying a good car in India within 6 lakhs a whole lot easier:

Nissan Micra Active: Price – Rs. 3.50 Lakhs to Rs. 4.80 Lakhs

Nissan Micra Active

General Specifications:

  • Engine: 1.2-litre, 3 cylinder, petrol
  • Power: 67 BHP
  • Torque: 104 Nm
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual
  • Mileage (Petrol): 19.49 KMPL
  • Range (Petrol): 799 Km

You might be tempted to think this looks much like the Old Micra, but you’re mistaken! Nissan is a brand known for its innovation and excellence when it comes to automobiles. The brand is definitely following suit as per the current trends suggest, wherein companies sell 2 generations of the same car in one period. This is what this Micra Active is all about.

If you’re a sucker for softer and curvier designs, then this car will definitely satiate your senses in a wholesome manner. Essentially, this is an edition which looks rather feminine, which makes it a crowd favourite among the ladies of course. Even though the design might not be over the top amazing, but it is surely consistent by all means and wouldn’t alienate you.

What’s Hot:                                                                                                                

  • You get a sleek roundish theme when it comes to interiors whether is the gear knob or the multiple AC vents or the horn as well for that matter
  • Overall car design exudes simplicity
  • Cabin is highly airy in general
  • There would be no sense of claustrophobia in the car as the windows are somewhat huge which will allow a lot of light inside
  • Sitting on the driver’s seat will make you realize that you can see around the entirety of the car with seamless ease which is definitely a boon
  • Front of the bonnet is clearly visible which assists in parking easily
  • The front pillars are not fundamentally obtrusive in nature
  • Front seats are comfortable essentially which means that you can plan road trips or journeys without any hesitation.
  • Fits 3 people at the back easily which is surely a deal maker for families out there
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What’s Not So Hot:

  • Grey plastic interiors are not exactly a plus as they depict a monotonous look which is unappealing to the eyes. Even though the interiors come in beige colour as well, but it doesn’t quite float the boat.
  • Visibility in the rear is handicapped in a way due to the presence of the highly thick C-pillar.
  • Rear seat is surprisingly very uncomfortable which is ironical in a way as the car doesn’t lack leg space at all.
  • Low under thigh support.


It seems like the makers wanted Nissan Micra to be a large hatchback which is economic in nature, as you will realize when you drive it regularly. The impressive engine delivers better fuel economy than the last Micra edition which was released.

Even though you won’t enjoy driving the petrol version that much, but its extensive and improved usability in the city will impress you. Drive this Nissan as hard as you can, but it will tend to lose steam very rapidly. Moreover, the car suspension has been fine tuned to provide the maximum comfort.

Chevrolet Beat: Price – Rs. 3.94 Lakhs to Rs. 6.01 Lakhs

Chevrolet Beat

General Specifications:

  • Engine: 1.2-litre, 4-cylinder, petrol / 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder diesel
  • Power (Petrol / Diesel / LPG): 79 BHP / 58 BHP / 79 BHP
  • Torque (Petrol / Diesel / LPG): 108 Nm / 150 Nm / 104 Nm
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual
  • Mileage (Petrol / Diesel / LPG): 18.6 KMPL / 25.44 KMPL / 13.3 KMPL
  • Range (Petrol / Diesel / LPG): 651 Km / 890 Km / NA

Many claim that Chevrolet Beat is the new age Chevrolet Spark. Whereas the latter was supposedly known for its cuteness and a feminine touch, the designers have very well transformed the new Beat into a sporty version. The design has been appreciated by critics both for the insides and outsides.

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The standout factor is the presence of elongated headlamps which start from the bumper and go all out till the front doors, which definitely gives it a unique and raw look.

The wedge shaped look of the car also adds a sense of sophistication as well. The design is simply dynamic by all means. There’s also a trademark in the form of hidden rear door handles, which are placed rather unconventionally behind the rear door windows.

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