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Your search for Best Cars under $40000 ends here! Buy Smart!

Are you looking for a top car under 40K? If yes, then there are plenty of options available for you.  You can buy from a simple four-wheeler to minivans, luxury cars, SUVs etc. There are plenty of different models available in every car maker’s line-up. The onus of choosing the perfect car for yourself lies with you.

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Each of these cars has great features that can make your every drive memorable. You can be awestruck by the interiors of one car or be delighted by the mileage that other car offers. You will also come across many cars that come with heated seats, LED lights and much more. These awesome features can confuse you as well. Hence, let’s discuss few features that are a must-have in any new car.

Essential features

The interior features


1)    Backup cameras

This feature is most required when you need to do parallel parking regularly. The backup cameras can help anybody to park their car. With the development of technology, the backup cameras have become more advanced, they can rotate entire 360 degrees. This is very helpful for people who face difficulty in parking their car.


2)    Remote entry

All the new models of cars come with a remote key fob that enables the user to lock or unlock the car without removing the keys from the pocket. All you need to do is press the button on the key fob. Also, in several new car models have the back hatch can be accessed in a similar manner.

3)    Heated Seats

The heated seats are a boon while traveling in extreme cold or rainy weather. They can make traveling very comfortable. However, this feature is normally useful if you live in areas where the weather is harsh. You can choose to opt out of this feature.

4)    Navigation system

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The inbuilt navigation system is a very useful tool especially when you do not know the roads. Many new car models have a well-designed touchscreen navigation system that can give you proper directions while driving. This feature is a must have.


Exterior features

1)    Doors

The car doors should be simple but sturdy. If you are looking for stylish doors then you may opt for a luxury or an SUV car. Also, many new car models have power doors that can open and shut very fast on their own.

2)    Storage racks on the rooftops

If you are going to use your car for long distance traveling and road trips then it is advisable to choose a car with roof-top storage rack. These racks will be extremely useful for storing heavy luggage.

3)    Tow packages

In case your car is being used to tow a lot of cargo or luggage then buying a car with tow package makes sense. Even though you do not use the tow package regularly, buying a car with one would be a great investment as it will be very useful to mount very heavy cargo.

4)    Car tires

While buying a car please do not ignore the car tires. They must have a proper inflation pressure. If you do not like the car tires you can always get them upgraded before buying.


Best cars under $40,000

 #8  The 2015 Mazda Cx 9– $30,865

2015 Mazda Cx 9

The Mazda Cx 9 is one of the best cars in 2015 under $40,000. It is a crossover SUV. The Mazda CX 9 was first introduced in the year 2007, since then it has been upgraded in the year 2008. It was given a facelift in the year 2010 and 2013 with new grille and headlights. In the year 2015 the Mazda CX 9 has been completely revamped. Let‘s look at it latest features.


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  1. The KODO design of the car is inspired by the movement and the style of a Cheetah. This style of designing believes that a car is more than a piece of metal. It is a living creature, a cheetah. Thisenables a development of a strong bond between driver and the car.
  2. The 2015Mazda CX 9 has a camera for the rear view. This camera helps to capture the images of rear vehicles when required during parking. It is best to buy a car that already has a rear view camera as it will gel properly with the system.
  3. It has a system of all-wheel driving that can enable you to gain complete control over roads even in extreme weather. This system is capable of controlling all the 4 wheels at the same time. Hence, it helps the driver to gain complete control over the car in any condition.
  4. It has an excellent Navigation system called the Mazda Connect. This navigation system has received special mention in the review given by the existing customers. It is very precise in directing the car on the right track once the instructions are fed in.


  1. I-ELOOP system of this car gives a better fuel economy. This system is well designed to improve mileage and save fuel.
  2. The interiors of the car are warm and comfortable with plush leather seats.


  1. It has a 3.7L DOHC V6 engine with 24- valve system  
  2. It has a horsepower of 273 @ 6.250 rpm.
  3. Up to 7 passengers can be comfortably seated in their 3-row seating.
  4. The fuel tank capacity is 20.1 litres.


  1. This car can be driven with ease in difficult weather conditions.
  2. It is extremely agile and flexible.
  3. The rear doors are extremely wide that allow people to slide in and out very easily.
  4. You can use the car in the manual mode or its six-speed automatic system.


  1. The 5.8 touchscreen is not up to the mark in terms of its quality and design.
  2. The safety technology needs improvement.


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#7  The 2015 Dodge Charger R/T – $33,595

2015 Dodge Charger RT

The 2015 Dodge Charger R/T is part of the current generation of automobiles that have been promoted by Dodge. The first Charger car was introduced in the year 1964 since then there has been no looking back. The Dodge charger R/T is one of the fastest cars under 40000. Let’s look at some of its interesting features.

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 The 2015 Dodge charger R/T has its signature Multiple Displacement System (MDS). This system enables the smooth functioning of the 4-cylinder 5.7-litre V8 engine. Also, the car has an 8-speed transmission system that is fully automatic and helps in accelerating faster.

 This model comes with 20-inch aluminium wheels that are forged and give a classic look. However, these wheels are optional. If you wish to buy then you can get them installed at the time of buying.

It has heated seats that are made Alcantara as well as Nappa leather as well as heated interiors and warm steering wheels. The heated seats and heated interiors are a boon for people who are living and traveling in cold or rainy climatic conditions. They make you feel extremely comfortable and warm while traveling.

The Dodge Charger R/T also has optional navigation package. The navigation package is a must buy as it will help you with the directions on lonely roads or if you are going to a new city.

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