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The Best Cars under 15000 Dollars You Can Choose From in 2017

Buying a new car? Check out this list of the 13 best cars under 15,000 USD.

Commuting from one place to another has become a part of life. While some of us commute to meet our work needs, some travel for the sake of pleasure.

Either way, the most sought after means of traveling has been our own cars. Nobody likes to suffer in public transports, especially in the blazing summer heat. Having a car for ourselves has become quite mandatory these days and has been considered safer as well.

In this era of automotives, if you are looking to get one for yourself, then reading this would help you out. Below is a list of some of the best cars under $ 15000 that you can get your hands on.


  1. Kia Soul (2010 Model) – $14000 onwards

    Kia Soul (2010 Model)

This compact crossover from Kia is powered by an inline 4 cylinder 1.6 L engine which churns out 130 BHP at an RPM of 6,300 in the base version. The 1591cc engine has a DOHC valve train with 16 valves. It gives you a maximum torque of 118 lb-ft at 4,850 RPM and has a Gasoline Direct Ignition (GDI) system of fuel delivery.

It basically comes with a 6 speed manual transmission. However, you can even opt for an electronically controlled 6 speed Auto transmission with overdrive feature as well which would take the price higher. It has a fuel tank which can hold about 14.2 gallons and has a fuel economy of 26 MPG (City and Highway combined).

The braking system comes with ABS as mandatory and it’s a 4 wheel disc brake as well. The Soul is a Front Wheel Drive vehicle and is featured with an Electric Power Steering to make your driving experience effortless. Kia Motors has been into the production of passenger vehicles since quite some time now and the consumers have not been let down by the company till date.


  • Gives you sheer power delivery with the 130 BHP spec.
  • 6 speed transmission does not leave you asking for more.
  • High storage capacity fuel tank that ensures you do not have to refuel very often.
  • 4 wheel disks ensure safer braking.


  • Fuel economy may seem low for some.


  1. Nissan Versa S Plus – $ 14,040

    Nissan Versa S Plus

Nissan has always been the leading manufacturer and provider of good performance cars, and the Nissan Versa (S Plus version) is a great example of this. The Versa S Plus is loaded with a 1.6 L DOHC 16-valve 4 cylinder engine and generates a BHP of 109 at 6,000 RPM. You get a maximum torque of 107 lb-ft at just 4,400 RPM.

The Versa features a Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System (CVTCS) and has a Nissan Direct Ignition System. The drive train is a front wheel drive and the braking system is embedded with ABS, EBD and Brake Assist (BA) as well.

Amidst the safety are the Airbags which are front, roof and side mounted ones and it comes with Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDS) and Traction Control System (TCS) as well to keep you safe on the road. This sedan is expected to give out a mileage of 40 MPG on a highway and just about 31 MGP during a drive through the city.

Certainly makes a good package as one of the best new cars under 15000, doesn’t it?


  • Comes with cruise control which will give you easier driving experience.
  • ABS, EBD and BA make sure you brake well.
  • Good combination of power and mileage all together.
  • Presence of Traction Control System ranks it up higher in terms of safety.


  • Some might prefer a Rear Wheel Drive instead of the existing Front Wheel Drive.
  1. Mitsubishi Mirage G4 – $13,995

    Mitsubishi Mirage G4

The Mirage G4 is expected to be a good family car with a 1.2 Liter 3-Cylinder DOHC 12-valve engine that gives out around 78 horses at 6000 RPM and has a maximum torque of 74 lb-ft at 4000 RPM. It has a front wheel drive with a 5 speed manual transmission. The front brakes are ventilated disks and rear ones are just drum brakes.

ABS comes equipped as a standard feature. The fuel tank is designed to carry about 9.2 gallons and the Mirage G4 has the combined fuel efficiency (Highway and City drive) of 37 MPG. The sedan is equipped with automatic air condition climate control and has a rear view camera system to help you park with ease.

Apart from these things that matter the most, you will find many perks and advantages of owning a G4 which makes it one of top cars under 15 USD.


  • Exceptional fuel economy.
  • Features like automatic air condition climate control and rearview camera system make it a feature loaded car.
  • A family oriented car at a nominal price range.


  • Low capacity fuel tank may make you refuel more than you know.
  • Not powerful enough compared to the cars under the category.


  1. smartfortwo – $ 14,650


This little coupe has a 3 cylinder engine which displaces 898 cc and churns out 89 horses. Going by the name, this cute little coupe is for two. It has a fuel tank which can hold up to 8.7 gallons and runs on forward to give a fuel efficiency of 35 MPG.

It is equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System and comes with all-season tires making sure you stop at nothing. The smart little one comes with cruise control as well to ease your foot off the pedal. The LED daytime running lights and Bluetooth connectivity on the interiors give it a good touch of cute looks and connectivity within, respectively.

So, if you have plans to keep your travel and commute plans restricted to two, then you are looking at the right car for you.


  • Good fuel economy.
  • A good car for two.
  • Out of the box looks.


  • Low displacement leading to low power generation.
  • Small capacity fuel tank.
  • Does not feature alloy wheels.


  1. Hyundai Accent – $ 14,745

The 2016 Hyundai Accent comes in three variants. The sedan, Accent hatchback and sports hatchback as well. The sedan has a 1.6 Liter 4 cylinder engine which generates a solid power of 137 HP @ 6300 RPM and it has the maximum amount of torque peaking at 123 lb-ft @ 4850 RPM. It comes with a Front Wheel Drive and features a 6 speed transmission as a standard.

However, if you choose to, you would opt for a 6 speed automatic transmission system as well. The Hyundai Accent comes with a fuel tank capacity of 11.4 gallons and delivers a mileage or a combined fuel economy (City and Highway) of 31 and 30 in the manual and automatic transmissions respectively.

Safety features such as Vehicle Stability Management System, Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control System, etc. come as a standard making it one of the most sought after choice in the considered price range.


  • 6 L engine delivering 137 BHP.
  • Decent fuel economy offered for the powerful specifications it offers.
  • Multiple safety features such as TCS and ESC making sure you are safe.


  • A higher capacity storage tank could be preferred.


  1. Nissan Versa Note – $ 14,230

This junior from the Nissan Versa makes it to the list. It is loaded with a 1.6 Liter 4 cylinder engine that churns out anywhere about 109 HP @ 6000 RPM and has a maximum torque of 107 lb-ft emerging at 4400 RPM. It is equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission system and offers you a Front Wheel Drive.

The front and rear brakes are disk and drum respectively and ABS, EBD and Brake Assist (BA) comes as a standard in these. The Versa Note offers a good fuel economy of 36 MPG on a highway and a nominal 26 MPG in the city. It has Bluetooth connectivity on the interiors and offers you a basic audio system.

If you liked the Versa, you may not be let down much by the Note. However, considering the price difference between the two can help you in picking a sedan or a hatchback.


  • ABS, EBS and BA make it a safety featured car.
  • The 5 speed manual transmission lets you take in the power as and when you want.


  • 109 BHP could be considered very low for the 1.6 L engine it features.
  • The fuel economy figures seem a little less satisfying.
  • The base version does not feature any extra perks in the audio system.


  1. Chevrolet Spark – $ 12,660 Onwards

The Chevy Spark with a phenomenal price range gets on to the seventh place on this list. It is available in two variants; manual and automatic transmission.

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