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11 Best Cars Below 10 Lakhs That Will (Truly) Win Your Heart

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Options make our life easier but not always, especially when all the options stand at par with each other.

This is exactly what happens when we have to take a decision while buying a car from a variety of alternatives hitting the market, and all of them competing neck to neck with each other.

So, how do we decide which car to buy? There are number of aspects that we need to consider before making up our mind. A few of them can be:

  • Decide on your budget
  • Decide for the segment you want to buy: a compact car, a Sedan or an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)
  • Look for the detailed interior and exterior features of the options available in your segment like engine power, gear box, mileage, car handling and breaking, and other technical features.
  • Check with your insurance companies and compare the insurance rates before buying the car.
  • Gather prior information of the best sellers in the market by going through the market surveys, and don’t forget to ask for discounts and incentives if offered by the manufacturer.

In case you are planning to buy a new car, and your budget does not allow you to spend more than Rs.10 lakhs, you will come across a wide variety of cars within this range.

Here we have made an effort to frame a list of some good cars in India within Rs.10 lakhs which includes some new cars as well. The list was prepared after a careful analysis of different features each car offers.

11) Renault Lodgy

Renault Lodgy

  • Price : Rs 8.29 lakhs – Rs. 9.69 lakhs
  • Only Diesel

Renault Lodgy comes in the MPG segment and is an updated version of Duster. Renault has kept the exterior subtle, without letting the look get boring. A lot of specifications have been made for the front which includes large head lamps, incorporated fog lamps, black bumper and a meticulous grill with lots of chrome. The interior is more spacious and airy as compared to other cars in the same segment. The front seats are more relaxed which provides adequate rest for the back and head.

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There is a whole lot of entertainment features which includes media-nav features, rear parking camera, Bluetooth connectivity and parking sensors. It comes with a robust 1.5 liters, K9K Diesel engine, and is available in two variants. The car is not only sturdy but also fuel efficient and gives a mileage of 18 kmpl. The safety features have not been compromised, which is evident from the ABS (anti lock brake system) and EBD (electronic brake-force distribution) systems offered with a smooth brake pedal. It can definitely feature among the top diesel cars under Rs. 10 lakhs.

The car has few drawbacks, as it might not fascinate you with its first look owing to its mild appearance. It is also facing some concerns with clutch operations particularly during wide turns.

10) Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio Only Diesel

  • Only Diesel
  • Price: Rs.8.4 lakhs – Rs.14.5 lakhs

Mahindra Scorpio has 11 variants running on Indian roads. After being introduced in 2002,the car has gone through various face lifts and the latest model stands apart with some stunning features enhancing both the interior and the exteriors. Naturally, it is counted among the top diesel cars under Rs. 10 lakhs.

The front part of the car looks more decked up with new features like LED head lamps. New tail lamps and a spoiler make the rear looks more chic. However, not many changes have been noticed in the side profile, and it is quite similar to the older model.

A lot of modifications have been made in the interiors as it looks really special and different from those of the older models. A number of new features like rear ac vents, rain sending wipers, intellipark, defogger, rear AC vents, have been added. The new Scorpio is an appropriate balance between riding & balancing. It is a fuel efficient and a mileage of 15kmpl on highway is provided by the 2609 cc diesel engine. It is also outfitted with various safety features like child locks, slide intrusion, anti theft warning, ABS, dual airbags and much more.

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Its drawbacks include the quality of fits and finishing which is not up to the mark. The car might get bouncy on rough roads. The passengers sitting in the second row might face some leg room problem.


9) Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta

  • Price : Rs.8.87 lakhs – Rs.9.85 lakhs
  • Diesel & Petrol Both

With a variety of SUV’s running on road presently, Hyundai has also ventured into this segment with its Creta. Staying true to its brand, Creta comes loaded with features, but doesn’t give a packed look. The seats are very comfortable giving good support to the back, head and neck. There is good leg room in the front which is not influenced by the wide dash-board. The rear is also well planned with good AC coverage making your journey comfortable. Ii also offers foldable arm rests and twin glass holders.

To make you’re driving stress free and enjoyable, it presents you with touch screen navigations. The safety features include 6 airbags, ABS, EBD, camera aided reverse, and projector headlights to name a few. It has a sturdy engine which does not offend your ears while warming up and gives you a smooth ride on the polished roads. The car will not annoy you with its fuel competence capacity, as it offers a mileage of 16 kmpl (petrol variant), 22 kmpl (diesels variant) and 22 kmpl (automatic transmission diesel variant).

Creta is unbeatable on smooth surfaces but is not a champion on rough roads and can disappoint you. Some issues have been noticed while taking turns at high speed.

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8) Honda Amaze

Honda Amaze

Price:  Rs. 5.3 lakhs to Rs 8.2 lakhs

Petrol & Diesel Both

The Japanese car makers have launched yet another model of Honda Amaze, and the enhanced model unquestionably makes it to the category of the best new cars under Rs.10 lacs. The Amaze VX CVT Petrol gives an average of 16KMPL whereas the Diesel variant Amaze VX MT provides an average of 25 kmpl. The 1.2 liter petrol model supports options of manual and automatic transmissions, whereas the diesel option comes with the option of manual transmission only.

The new face of Amaze is totally changed since it has picked up some features of Mobilio when it comes to the front grille and the head lamp. The interiors are also magnificent, with new rectangular air vents and a fresh music system. It is more spacious and airy now. The car won’t disappoint you on safety measures either, as it comes with dual air bags, and wave key couples ABS. Thus, Amaze has both excellent riding and handling features which poses a threat for its competitors like TATA Zest, Ford Figo Aspire and others in this segment. The only drawback is the clattering Diesel engine.

7) Volkswagen Polo GT  TSI

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

Price : Rs.8.58 lakhs

Petrol only

If you are looking for a hatchback, then Volkswagen Polo is the ideal pick for you as it is one of the cars in India below Rs.10 lakhs. 104 BHP produced by 1.2 liters turbocharged TSI motor makes it the most dominating hatchback ruling the Indian roads at the moment.

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