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25 Fun Apps for Android (2017) to open the Doors of Happiness

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Mobile Apps have brought about a radical transformation in the way we operate. Right from something as simple as waking us up in a creative way, to offering us the most relevant news from all across the globe, from helping us plan our leisure trips to assisting us in educating the little ones in the most interactive manner, they help us do it all, almost seamlessly.

However, not all apps are serious when it comes to offering us utility. In fact, there are a host of apps, which keep us entertained, either through their quirky concepts or via their fun and interactive interfaces.

And for what it’s worth, we have compiled a list of some of the most enticing fun apps for android that are available on Google Play Store.

So get ready for exploring a world of apps that are undeniably funny!


Remember that time in your childhood when you were forced to learn umpteen number of facts so that you could flaunt your general knowledge and ace those tests!

Well, guess what? The time to mug up those facts is gone! With the ‘8Facts App, you can get your daily dose of some of the most quirky facts, which are by all means, giggle-worthy!

So, let the fun begin with this amazing app and de-stress yourself in the most convenient way possible!

Best Voice Changer

While this one-of-its-kinds amazing fun android apps will not let you change the tone of your voice while you’re taking a call, it sure can help you record your voice using various cool effects such as that of a robot, a monster or simply a naughty little kid. You can even record your voice as a ghost and then share these audio files with your friends and play pranks on them! Now isn’t that something you’ve always wanted to do?

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My Talking Tom

Well, this isn’t something new on the market, but the sheer fact that it has managed to stay around for as long as we can remember makes this app worthy of getting a place on this list.

This app lets you virtually adopt a baby kitten and watch it bloom into a full grown animal. Right from naming your pet to making it do simple tasks such as brushing its teeth and taking a bath, this pet soon becomes a part of your daily life.

So, what are you waiting for? Start nurturing this lovely little pet right away and bask in the glory of helping it lead a fun filled life!

Crack My Screen

Playing pranks on a friend is one of the most interesting things for almost everyone. And this fun doubles up with this crackling app! Install the app on your own phone or on your friend’s and tap the icon on the screen! Your friend will be fooled into thinking that it was his/her mistake that the phone’s screen cracked!

There is a wide range of broken screen images accompanied by complementing sounds that make the deal seem almost real!

Lie Detector

Now, who wouldn’t want to play a game of real questions with real answers, especially when it is supported by a lie-detector test! This app, however adds a great deal of fun to this intense game, by helping you tweak the setup by pre-setting the answers.

If you will, the app can also churn out random answers! A perfect way to confuse your friends, in the most amazing way possible!

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Chwazi Finger Chooser

More often than not, when you’re in a group you’re faced with some random questions or situations! It is for exactly these situations, that the ‘Chwazi Finger Chooser’ app was created.

This intuitive app requires every member of the group to place a finger on the touch screen, and randomly picks one finger.

Whether it is in case of choosing someone from the group for hosting a night out or picking someone to be on the driving seat, this app will help you out in all those tricky situations, with the utmost ease!

This app however, is restricted by the multi-finger touch sensitivity of your phone!

Goat Simulator

This is one of the lesser known yet a truly enthralling app available on the android arena! This amazing app lets you become a virtual goat and even cause havoc in the entire arena that surrounds you! Now if that isn’t super fun, we don’t know what is!

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Heads Up

We are almost too sure that you’ve seen Ellen DeGeneres play a fun game on her show, which goes by the name of Heads Up! This awe-inspiringly engaging game, needs two or more players playing against each other, trying to guess the card that’s in front of them before the timer runs out.

What makes this game outstanding is the simple fact that it requires one player to hold the mobile screen on his/her forehead, and move it according to the answers given!

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Addicted to your smartphone? Well, for all you know, this fun app will help you curb your addiction in an inspiring way! Once you install the app, a little animated tree grows on your screen, if you aren’t using your phone.

Get tempted by checking your social media handles or playing yet another level of candy crush, and there goes your tree!

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