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Most Interesting Things You Need To Know About Amazon [Infographic]

Most Interesting Things you need to know about Amazon

Amazon is the is largest Internet-based retailer in the world. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Starting from a 400 square feet garage, in just two decades Amazon has spread out to have dozens of offices in over 30 countries around the world. The company’s development centres are spread across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Amazon has separate retail websites for United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India and Mexico. It has plans to launch its websites in Poland, Sweden, Sri Lanka and South East Asian countries.

Some Interesting & Fun Facts

  • Today Amazon has the capacity to ship up to 1.5 million items¬†per day from just one fulfillment center. [Tweet this]

[ctt title=”There was a big programming error in Amazon‚Äôs website during the initial days. If a customer ordered a negative quantity of books, Amazon would credit the money to the customer‚Äôs credit card.” tweet=”There was a big programming error in Amazon‚Äôs website – http://ctt.ec/s1ba5+” coverup=”s1ba5″]

  • In 2014, Amazon‚Äôs site was down for 49 minutes and the company missed sales of nearly $4.8 million [Tweet this]
  • Amazon‚Äôs share of 2015 Black Friday ecommerce sales is 35.7% [Tweet this]
  • Outbound shipping cost of Amazon is $1.54 billion [Tweet this]
  • 70% of sales on Amazon were generated through mobile devices during the holiday season in 2015 [Tweet this]

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Most Interesting Things about Amazon

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Most Interesting Things You Need To Know About Amazon

  • Amazon‚Äôs current logo depicts a smile that stretches from A to Z. It signifies that the company is ready to deliver anything and everything to anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Amazon began as a book e-tailer and expanded significantly to offer everything from electronics to diamonds and from gourmet food to skateboards
  • Amazon was the first Internet retailer to have 1¬†million customers.
  • The company is one of the top US military veteran recruiters and it employs both veterans and military spouses
  • Amazon donates millions of dollars to customers’ favorite charities through its AmazonSmile initiative. It has more than one hundred thousand charity organizations receiving donations¬†through AmazonSmile
  • Due to a lack of space Amazon did not have an inventory during its initial days. Whenever a customer ordered a book, the company used to search it online, ship it to the Amazon office, repackage it and then ship it off to the customer
  • Amazon provides employment to 230,800 people, which includes both full time and part time employees. [Tweet this]
  • Amazon opened its first physical bookstore, called Amazon Books, in Seattle‚Äôs University Village on November 3 2015. The 5,500 square feet store opened with a stock of 6,000 books that are offered to customers at same price as on the website
  • Amazon boasts of having the Central Intelligence Agency of the US as one of its customers. The CIA signed a $600 million deal with the company in 2013 for cloud computing storage, which is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • The company built a mammoth 34 square-mile windfarm in North Carolina, USA to provide continuous power to its cloud-computing data centers
  • The internet retail giant is developing a futuristic delivery system called Amazon Prime Air that will be able to deliver packages to the customers within 30 minutes of ordering by using small drones.


Amazon History

  • The Amazon website was launched on July 16 1995
  • Amazon started with just one employee, Shel Kaplan, and one product category, books.
  • During the initial days Jeff Bezos used second hand computers to run the business
  • The site attracted orders worth more than $12000 within one week of its launch [Tweet this]
  • In the first month of business, Amazon received orders from customers in 50 US states and 45 countries from around the world
  • Amazon made its first sale on April 3 1995 (even before the website was launched)
  • Amazon sold its first book to John Wainwright who purchased Fluid Concepts And Creative Analogies: Computer Models Of The Fundamental Mechanisms Of Thought by Douglas Hofstadter for $27.95
  • Amazon ventured into the international market in October 1998 when it was launched in the United Kingdom and Germany
  • Amazon launched its music store in June 1998 with a stock of over 125,000 music titles
  • In 1999 Amazon ordered 181 acres of wrapping paper and 2494 miles of red ribbon to cater to the holiday season sale rush
  • In 2001 the company laid off 1300 of its employees and shut down a distribution facility to reduce costs
  • Amazon witnessed its first profitable quarter in January 2002, seven years after the company was launched, and made a modest profit of $5 million
  • Amazon‚Äôs revenue reached $2.8 billion in the first 5 years, making it one of the fastest growing companies on the internet [Tweet this]
  • Amazon introduced its free shipping service in 2000. The threshold was for orders worth more than $100.¬†But in 2002 it reduced the threshold to orders worth $25 [Tweet this]
  • Amazon initially depended on word of mouth marketing and publicity. The company later became one of the highest spenders on Google Ads
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Amazon Network

  • Amazon Prime is a membership program that offers access to e-books, music, video streaming, free unlimited photo storage, free two-day shipping and various other services and deals by Amazon.
  • Amazon Web Services provides programmatic access to latent features on its website.
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2 is a virtual site farm that allows users access to the Amazon infrastructure in order to run applications that range from running simulations to web hosting
  • Amazon Fresh is a home grocery deliver service that delivers perishable and nonperishable food items on the same day of ordering or the next day
  • Amazon Supply provides businesses the opportunity to create custom e-commerce websites using Amazon technology.
  • Amazon Music is Amazon‚Äôs online music store that provides downloads exclusively in MP3 format without digital rights management.
  • Amazon Appstore is an appstore designed for Andriod Operating Systems
  • Amazon Video provides Internet video on demand service in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Austria and Germany.
  • Amazon Supply provides industrial and scientific components and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supplies


  • In 2015 the net sale revenue was $107.01 billion
  • In 2014 the net sale revenue was $88.99 billion
  • In 2013 the net sale revenue was $74.45 billion
  • In 2012 the net sale revenue was $61.09 billion
  • In 2011 the net sale revenue was $48.08 billion
  • In 2010 the net sale revenue was $34.2 billion
  • In 2009 the net sale revenue was $24.51 billion
  • In 2008 the net sale revenue was $19.17 billion
  • In 2007 the net sale revenue was $14.84 billion
  • In 2006 the net sale revenue was $10.71 billion
  • In 2005 the net sale revenue was $8.49 billion
  • In 2004 the net sale revenue was $6.92 billion


Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

Top 10 Amazon Acquisitions

  1. In 2009 Amazon acquired Zappos, online shoes, for $1200 million
  2. In 2014 Amazon acquired Twitch, video platform for video games, for $970 million
  3. In 2012 Amazon acquired Kiva Systems, warehouse robot systems, for $775 million
  4. In 1999 Amazon acquired Exchange.com, online book marketplace, for $645 million
  5. In 2010 Amazon acquired Quidsi, online retailer, for $545 million
  6. In 2011 Amazon acquired LoveFilm, streaming video on demand provider, for $312 million
  7. In 2008 Amazon acquired Audible, spoken audio entertainment and information company, for $300 million
  8. In 1999 Amazon acquired Alexa Internet, a database company, for $250 million
  9. In 2013 Amazon acquired Goodreads, online community, for $150 million
  10. In 2010 Amazon acquired Woot, internet retailer, for $110 million


Amazon Subsidiaries

Amazon owns several companies that operate under their own brand names

  • com ‚Äď Amazon acquired the company in March 2008
  • Brilliance Audio ‚Äď Amazon purchased the company in 2007
  • ComiXology ‚Äď The company was bought by Amazon in April 2014
  • Goodreads ‚Äď The company became a subsidiary of Amazon in March 2013
  • Shelfari ‚Äď Amazon purchased the company in August 2008 and declared in January 2016 that it would merge Shelfari with Goodreads and close down Shelfari
  • Beijing Century Joyo Courier Services ‚Äď It is a subsidiary of Amazon and has applied for a freight forwarding license with the US Maritime Commission


Interesting Facts you must know about Amazon

  • Amazon went public in the year 1997 and since then the company‚Äôs shares have multiplied a whopping 710 times
  • Amazon‚Äôs fulfilment center in Phoenix, Arizona covers 1.2 million square feet in area, which is equivalent to 28 football fields
  • Amazon‚Äôs fastest order delivery took place when it delivered a four-pack of¬†Starbucksvanilla Frappuccino to a customer in Miami in less than 10 minutes
  • Amazon‚Äôs CEO Jeff Bezos believes in the ‚Äėtwo pizza rule‚Äô which says that the number of members in a project team must not be so big that the entire team cannot be theoretically fed by just 2 pizzas
  • The world‚Äôs largest online retail seller also operates the world‚Äôs largest computer [Tweet this]
  • Starting with just 1 category (books), Amazon has increased to 20 main categories and 206 sub-categories
  • Amazon‚Äôs cloud platform is big enough to hold 80 books for every person on earth [Tweet this]
  • On an average one new book is added to Amazon‚Äôs site every five minutes [Tweet this]
  • About 65% of Amazon‚Äôs traffic are females [Tweet this]
  • Amazon holds the patent for one-click ordering which it licenses to Apple [Tweet this]
  • Amazon has a building named after its first customer, John Wainwright
  • One out of every ten US citizen is a member of the Amazon Prime service. Interestingly, Prime subscribers spend more while shopping on Amazon than non-subscribers
  • Cyber Monday is Amazon‚Äôs peak shopping day by mobile users
  • Amazon‚Äôs CEO Jeff Bezos makes just $81,840 per year
  • Every employee at Amazon has to spend two days every year working at the customer service desk, including the CEO [Tweet this]
  • Amazon Kindle was launched in November 2007 and within 6 hours it sold out completely. Interestingly, it remained sold out until May 2008.
  • Amazon is one of the biggest players in cloud computing in the world today
  • Amazon employs more than 15000 robots to help its warehouse employees to retrieve items [Tweet this]
  • Every Data Center of Amazon has 50,000 to 80,000 computers [Tweet this]
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Amazing Amazon Statistics

  • As per Alexa Traffic Rank, Amazon.com is ranked at 6th position globally and is at 4th position in the United States
  • Amazon‚Äôs brand value is worth $45.73 billion
  • Amazon has over 2 million sellers spread out across more than 100 countries worldwide
  • The company ships to more than 75 countries across the world
  • Amazon has 304 million active customer accounts
  • Amazon receives an average of 4310 unique visitors per minute
  • Amazon boasts of 54 million Amazon Prime customers
  • Amazon Appstore is available in more than 200 countries
  • Amazon‚Äôs Appstore has more than 400,000 mobile apps
  • Average amount that an Amazon Prime member spends on Amazon.com is $1500 per year [Tweet this]
  • Average amount that a non-Prime member spends on Amazon.com is $625 per year [Tweet this]
  • com has 20 million items that are eligible for Prime
  • Amazon Prime members have free access to more than 1,000,000 ebooks [Tweet this]
  • More than three million customers joined Amazon Prime in the third week of December 2015
  • Amazon sold 489.5 million products in the fourth quarter of 2015
  • Amazon earned net sales revenue worth $107.01 billion in 2015
  • The company‚Äôs net income was $596 million in 2015
  • Amazon‚Äôs free cash flow reached $7.3 billion in 2015, an increase of 276% from $2 billion in 2014
  • In 2015 Amazon‚Äôs Operating income was $2.2 billion [Tweet this]
  • 44% of web shoppers go to Amazon directly to search for products
  • 76% of online shoppers have the Amazon app on their smartphones
  • The online user reach of Amazon in the US is 69%
  • Amazon had more than 30 million clothing items available on its site as on Dec 31 2015
  • The company receives 192.7 million unique monthly visitors to its sites
  • Amazon generates 22% year-over-year growth in revenue [Tweet this]
  • Amazon Kindle e-reader enjoys 73.7% market share [Tweet this]
  • Amazon‚Äôs Kindle Fire Tablet Content generates revenue worth $5246.8 million
  • At the global level Amazon has 39% female employees and 61% male employees [Tweet this]
  • 24% of Amazon‚Äôs Global Managers are females
  • Amazon gains annual revenue of $5.25 billion from book sales, which is 7% of its annual income
  • Amazon¬†shipped to 185 countries in December 2015 [Tweet this]
  • On Cyber Monday 2015,¬†Amazon customers from across the world ordered more than 33 electronic items per second from a mobile device
  • The total amount of time that customers spent reading The Martian: A Novelby¬†Andy Weir¬†on Kindle in 2015 is equivalent to the time needed to make more than 1,000 trips to Mars on the Curiosity rover
  • Amazon had an estimated 3.4 million books by the end of 2014
  • As of 2014, 30% of books sold on Amazon were eBooks
  • Amazon sold an average of 18 toys per second to customers ordering through a mobile device on Cyber Monday 2014
  • 16 million units of items were ordered from Amazon on Cyber Monday 2014
  • As on Dec 31 2014, the fastest-selling Amazon device ever was the Fire TV Stick
  • In 2014, Amazon sold 63% of all books bought online and 40% of all books sold overall.
  • Amazon was mentioned 126,115 times on Twitter on Black Friday in 2014
  • Amazon was mentioned 182,401 times on Twitter on Cyber Monday in 2014
  • Number of times #AmazonCart has been tweeted is 157,000


Remarkable Facts about Amazon IPO

  • Amazon issued its initial public offering (IPO) on May 15, 1997 at $18.00 per share
  • The company offered 3 million shares [Tweet this]
  • The company‚Äôs stock is listed as AMZN on the NASDAQ stock exchange
  • On the first day the company‚Äôs IPO soared 30% above its opening price
  • Amazon raised $54 million on the first day, which gave the company a market valuation of $438 million
  • As of January 19 2016, Amazon‚Äôs stocks are priced at $535.95
  • Amazon has never paid dividends to its shareholders as the company‚Äôs CEO Jeff Bezos believes in reinvesting the cash for future growth initiatives of the company
  • Amazon‚Äôs stocks remained above IPO level even during the worst days of trading and NASDAQ crash
  • Amazon took 10 years to regain its 2000 peak price
  • As of Sept 2014, the most active month in the history of AMZN was April 2007 when 250 million shares were traded in one month. This is about 10 times of the average.
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5 Amazing Technologies Developed By Amazon

  • Amazon Dash Button ‚Äď Introduced in March 2015, the Dash Button is a small, single-function device that is paired with an SKU on Amazon.com and the user‚Äôs iPhone or Android device. Each Dash Button corresponds to a particular household necessity. When the product runs low the user just has to push the button and Amazon sends the item to the user‚Äôs doorstep. At present Amazon has more than 500 different products available for ordering through Dash Button.
  • Amazon Fresh ‚Äď Launched in 2007, Amazon Fresh is an online grocery shopping service that allows customers from certain geographic markets to place orders for grocery from the company’s huge inventory of fresh food. The order is delivered on the same day or the next day.
  • Amazon Fire TV ‚Äď The Amazon Fire TV was launched in April 2014. It is a digital media player that streams audio and video content from the internet and displays it on high definition TV. It can also be used for playing video games via a mobile app or a game controller.
  • Amazon Fire Phone ‚Äď The Amazon Fire Phone is a smart phone launched in June 2014. The phone operates on Fire OS and is packed with a host of unique and innovative features. It also has a 24 hour customer service app. The phone can also be used to download and run any app that has been designed for Android phones
  • Amazon Prime Air ‚Äď Amazon has designed Amazon Prime Air, a futuristic delivery system that will use small drones or unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver customers‚Äô orders in as little as 30 minutes. By using the sophisticated sense and avoid technology, the drones will be able to deliver packages weighing less than 55 pounds and flying under 400 feet to distances of 10 miles or more. At present the drones are being tested across multiple international locations.


Amazon New Marketplaces Introduced in 2015

  • Amazon launched Handmade at Amazon, a new online store that sells genuine handmade products created and sold directly from artisans. Currently Handmade has more than 10,000 artisans and more than 200,000 quality handcrafted items.
  • Amazon introduced Amazon Home Services, a marketplace that provides on-demand professional services. It allows Amazon customers to browse, purchase, and schedule hundreds of professional services directly on¬†the site.
  • Amazon unveiled Amazon Business, an online marketplace that gives sellers the prospect to increase their sales by reaching business customers. It features exclusive business pricing tools and listing of credentials by sellers.
  • Amazon introduced Amazon Exclusives, a new store that provides customers access to innovative new products that are developed by more than a hundred emerging brands.

Technology that runs Amazon

  • Amazon‚Äôs core technology is Linux-based
  • The company‚Äôs business strategy is supported by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Information Management (IM)
  • As of 2005, the online retail giant was using the planet‚Äôs three largest Linux databases that had capacities of 7.8 TB, 18.5 TB, and 24.7 TB
  • The company‚Äôs technology architecture is responsible for handling millions of backend operations on a daily basis
  • The technology architecture also takes care of half a million queries from third party sellers every day
  • The company uses Netscape Secure Commerce Server and Secure Socket Layer protocol to store the credit card details of customers in a secured and separate database
  • IT giant Oracle helped Amazon to migrate its data warehouse to Linus-based technology platform in 2003-2004.

Why sell on Amazon

  • Easy to reach out to millions of customers from across the world
  • Prompt shipping and delivery to all corners of the globe
  • Seller pays Amazon only when the product sells
  • Seller receives secure and timely payments without any stress
  • Professional services to help sellers increase their business

How to sell on Amazon

  • Create a new Amazon Seller‚Äôs Account by registering on the site
  • Select an appropriate selling plan ‚Äď Professional Seller or Individual Seller
  • Individual seller requires no fee
  • Professional seller requires fee
  • Provide complete seller information, such as name, address and other necessary details
  • Verify your account through phone and by following the instructions
  • Once verification is done you are ready to start selling on Amazon.com
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